Monday, December 19, 2016

Scrap Strata

The last few weeks have been so busy creating more quilts from Christmas fabric that I'm finally able to fit in the post about a particular Christmas quilt that was started way back in July, during the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. Presenting Scrap Strata!

Some of you may remember me working on this quilt. I've always talked about doing a scrap quilt, one that uses every bit that's in the bin, as described on 3 Fun Scrap Ideas. Though I haven't touched anything in those bags (and yes, they have even more fabric scraps in them now!), I have been striving to use up the Christmas scraps from last year's quilts, Simply Woven, Interlude, and Holly Jolly.

July's mission was to sew same width strips into longer strips,

which led to strips being laid out in rows, working on even color distribution, offset seams, and width variety. 

Keeping one side even, strips were sewn into 15" panels for easier handling, then sewn together and trimmed to 60" wide. 

But wait, as the quilt gets longer, it also becomes boring. Time for a design challenge! That's where those 6" squares came in handy,

as they made these awesome pinwheels that when inserted as a panel, taking a ho-hum scrap quilt to a whole new level!

A pretty awesome scrap quilt if I do say so myself!

Some closeups - see if you recognize any of the fabrics in your stash.

Of course, the backing is composed of larger scrap pieces - just tryin' to move it along!

And yes, there are still bits remaining from this quilt,

plus this stack,

some of which went to Home for Christmas, and some to A Kid's Christmas. This quilt just proves anything is possible with scraps! And any remaining leftovers are going to one more scrap quilt, then I'm done with Christmas for a while - phew!

Happy Quilty Holiday!

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  1. Love the Christmas strap strata!! Gotta make one of those.


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