Friday, January 6, 2017

Holly and Berries

Finally finished! The last of my Christmas quilts is done. 
Introducing Holly and Berries.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient on this, since I gave you enough teasers to last a lifetime. I hope it was worth the wait, cause I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Too bad it wasn't done sooner to enjoy hanging on the wall. Oh well, next year.

This quilt finishes off the last of the Christmas scraps from all those other quilts. 

Fortunately, there were enough greens and reds to make the blocks. Initially, I thought I'd build a top around pinwheels, and started making green blocks, semi-log cabin style, to match the pinwheel size of 6 3/4". 

But after fifteen green blocks, I tossed out the pinwheels and changed direction, sewing up red blocks,

and some cream ones, 

once a design started to emerge.

With not enough fabric for any more green or red blocks, I was left with these scraps. Looks like there's enough for a back in there, right?

You bet! Adding in the pinwheels (wouldn't want them to go to waste), and using a bit of row creativity, the back looks great too! 

And now that scrap pile is down to this.

Can I get a big round of applause?! Into the general, overflowing scrap bag it goes! But did I clear out space for other fabric? Nope - still some poinsettia fabric to tackle next Christmas.

Now let's have a look at the quilting. In the green and red areas is a more dense holly and berry pantograph,

that uses my Pantographs and Custom Quilting Technique tutorial. Notice that the panto does not go into the cream squares.

This combo sets off the ladder of cream squares across the quilt.

And it also looks really cool on the back!

I think I'll look into magnetic hangers for this quilt, as I really don't want to cover up anything on the back with a hanging sleeve. Yet another two-fer quilt!

Ok, I think I'm done with Christmas until July, when there may be another blog hop. Time to move on!

Happy Quilting!

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