Saturday, January 14, 2017

Strawberry Blocks

Aren't these sweet???

I couldn't stop at one as these have been a yummy distraction - I highly recommend them!

The tutorial to make your own can be found at Skyberries Handmade, as part of the Honey Pot Bee at Molli Sparkles.

Though this block takes 35 pieces,

turning it into this

was a snap with chain stitching. Starting in the upper left corner, column 2 was stitched to column 1, chain stitching style. No cutting of threads here!

Column 3 is added to the column 1+2 unit, then column 4 to the 1+2+3 unit, and finally column 5 to the 1+2+3+4 unit, all the while keeping those chains intact. The result? Seven rows, all in the right order, and no parts to lose or confuse!

Now time for pressing. The first block I did, I pressed all seams open. But I found it hard to match up the seams when sewing the rows together.

So for the next blocks, I pressed the rows in alternate directions.

The nesting of the seams made stitching so much easier!
Now I could sew the rows in pairs, 

then sew the pairs together, to finally make a luscious berry! Yummy!

Ready to make yours? Then hop over to Skyberries to get all the details. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking of a way to set these off in a quilt. Who knows - maybe I'll have to make a whole basket of them!

Happy Quilting

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