Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crafted Applique Revisited

Remember Blossoms

Blossoms using Crafted Applique

my wall hanging using the Crafted Applique (affiliate link) technique?

Crafted Applique
In that post, I mentioned that I would do future testing on how this technique holds up in the wash. And now the time has come:

crafted applique tested in the wash

and I would say PRETTY DARN GOOD! Granted this was just one 25 minute wash with a full tumble dry, but I'm pretty impressed! So for all of the inquiring minds out there, yes, the Crafted Applique (affiliate link) technique is well worth the effort, as no, that fabric does not fray.

For me, this is really exciting! I have a snowflake project, with a deadline, and thought I would use the Crafted Applique (affiliate link) technique AND my Silhouette Cameo (affiliate link) cutting machine. Hoping that by combining the two, the project will be done in no time! I'll let you know how that works out, though I can't share the project until sometime in the fall - sorry to make you wait.

See you tomorrow at Midweek Makers, as now I'm off to prep my fabric for snowflakes!


  1. I love having that technique in my pocket. I've used it many times and I am always happy with the results

  2. I've only used the method a few times, but I've been happy with the results every time.

  3. I love this technique and use it for all of my applique.

  4. I'll definitely have to give the crafted applique method a try. Thanks for giving us a review of your experience. --Andrea

  5. SO glad you find this method so great, because it did change my life/mind regarding, as Lara quoted me ACCK!-pliqué to 'AHHH-pliqué; LOL Also happy to see it holds up in your cutter as well (in a new post which I read as well!)


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