Friday, August 11, 2017

Small Open Sesame

Showing off strip quilt #2, from the Strip Savvy book today!

Open Sesame in a baby quilt size

Open Sesame is the pattern this time, 

Strip Savvy Open Sesame pattern

and once again, I made a smaller, baby size version, with no borders. It's the same fabrics as Summer Picnic, because I still had plenty of strips/fabric left. So why not use it up and make this quilt another in a series?

But wanting a change, this quilt bucks the solid white fabric trend by using Kona Green Tea instead. 

Kona Green Tea in Open Sesame quilt

The switch adds a fun bit personality to the pattern!

Granted, these are pretty simple half log cabin blocks, but when arranged the way they are, the quilt takes on a modern feel. And the angular nature of the design warrants an modern, angular quilting pattern.

Contempo quilting pantograph on Small Open Sesame quilt

So for this quilt, I chose the Contempo pantograph, a very modern, techno looking design. Along with bright Glide Neon Green thread

Glide thread Neon Green

this quilt is a knockout! If you're looking to improve your quilting skills, check out my video tutorial on how to quilt square corners.

The back is a bit more playful, 

Open Sesame quilt backing

cause I couldn't resist the dancing green frogs!

Open Sesame quilt backing of dancing frogs

Someone told me once that the frogs represent square dancing - has anyone else heard this? The way they're dancing around, I guess it could be true!

Can you tell I'm having a good time making quilts from the Strip Savvy book? Clear instructions, lots of patterns, plus pattern variations - there's so much to choose from. What to make next?

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love the way you quilted this and I love the dancing frogs!

  2. Hi Susan,
    This sure looks like fun, and I really great book. I will have to check that out - I like strip quilts just for their ease. Happy Friday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I like the stacked feeling that the block orientation gives the quilt top. Perfect backing, again!

  4. Another knockout, Susan. Cheery and fun.


  5. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE this Quilt!!! Awesome job... :)

  6. Looks great, Susan! Dancing frog fabric - that's fun!


  7. I love the colors and the quilt! You are making me want to buy this book! I really don't need another book, but I sure like what you have done with these patterns!

  8. Very cute quilt and what great colors! Frogs nope I had not heard that, but they sure are cute little fellas!

  9. Love your quilt! I have this book and have been trying to finish up things to open it and make a quilt. This is an awesome book.

  10. Cute! The green tea solid was a great choice. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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