Monday, August 21, 2017


Showing off Steps, my third and final strip quilt from Strip Savvy, (affiliate link).

Steps from the Strip Savvy quilt book

Simple, yet outstanding. How have I not made one of these before??? And once again, Kate does a great job on her pattern instructions, making this a quick strip quilt to put together.

                                                  Strip Savvy

As for the quilting, I liked what Kate had used on this quilt in the book - simple straight line stitching. 

Steps straight line quilting

Using a dark turquoise thread, the quilting is in the ditch along each side and in the middle of the vertical pieces. This makes for 1 inch spacing.

Steps straight line stitching

Do you realize how easy this quilting would be to accomplish on a domestic machine, especially with the help of a walking foot? Easy and effective - a win-win!

As for the backing, I chose an older, more subdued print, which works great with the front,

Steps full quilt back

because it has the perfect color scheme - lucky me!

Steps back closeup

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Strip Savvy (affiliate link) book, and wish I had more time to make another. I have a lot of projects and blog hops for September, making this a very busy time for me. But I highly suggest this book as a great resource for strip quilt patterns, deserving of a place on the shelf.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I like the simple straight line quilting, it lets the fabric colours shine through. Beautiful quilt!

  2. that is how I do my machine quilting - straight lines with a walking foot - sometimes I will do a grid and sometimes slightly curvy lines otherwise I stick to hand quilting!

  3. It is amazing how striking the simple quilts can be with the right colors. Thanks for sharing your projects from this book.

  4. Thanks so much for the book recommendation. This quilt really is a stunner in spite of its simplicity. LOVE THAT!!

  5. Great colors in your quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Lovin' that color combination. OK. now you've got me sold on getting that book! I wish I had looked for it when I was on the hop.

  7. Thanks for sharing another inspiring quilt that looks simple but very dynamic!

  8. I really like this quilt. The color choice and easy piecing make this quilt a big winner in my book!!


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