Monday, December 4, 2017

Santa's Helper

Santa has left an early Christmas present! No, not just the inspirational backing fabric, but....

Santa's Helper with backing fabric inspiration

Oh my! Could it be a PUPPY? 

Santa's Helper puppy quilt

Oh! This little guy is adorable! And so ready play!

Santa's Helper out of the box

All wiggly and full of excitement - that tail just won't stop wagging!

Santa's Helper - my wiggly tail
Isn't he cute? Such an adorable little fellow - I think I'll name him Santa's Helper!

I still can't believe Santa placed him under the tree.

Santa's Helper peeking out of the box

With so much joy, he's certainly wiggled his way into my heart! Careful - he's coming in for a lick!
Santa's Helper ready for a lick

Has Santa's Helper wiggled into your heart too? Contact me via email for adoption (that is, the pattern!). He does require an experienced owner, someone who has had puppies before, and able to deal with applique, paper piecing, and mitering corners. But once that tail starts wagging, he'll be all yours!

And check out the Pine Needle Quilting video to see how to quilt a pine tree!

Thank you Santa!

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  1. Replies
    1. While I was making him, I thought "so stinkin' cute"!

  2. You shared this quilt at the guild meeting last week but it was a quick glimpse. I'm glad you posted it and provided close-ups. What a fun quilt.

  3. The quilt is fabulous and Santa´s helper is so lovely!

    1. Thank you so much Rosa! He's too cute and has lots of personality!

  4. Really cute. I love how you quilted the tail.

  5. The puppy is adorable!! The level of details of the quilting really makes it special. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Alida! The tail wag does it for me!

  6. This is super cute, and the wagging tail is clever!


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