Monday, February 19, 2018

Improv Project #4

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Yep, starting another improv project as there's still time left to explore the January/February Book of the Month selection, Improv Patchwork

Improv Patchwork by Maria Shell

First, I need to start this post with a confession. In the fall, after working with the charm squares, I decided I had had enough of those charms, and sold the rest. This is all that remains.

Being in a 'clean out' kind of mood, I also sold off several bags of scraps, a couple containers of small squares, all fabric dyeing paraphernalia, and eight bags of yardage (25-30 yards each). It felt incredibly good to lighten the load, and relieve myself of the burden of using uninspiring fabric.

Unfortunately, of all the bags, the pinks and florals remained. Apparently, nobody likes those. The bags sit in the room, making it look cluttered, and causing an occasional twinge of guilt. Ugh.

Fast forward to last Friday. Thumbing through the Improv Patchwork book seeking my next quilt to make, I came across Birch Stand - perfect!

Hmm, maybe I could use those pinks and florals for this one - I'll see if there's enough fabrics in there that work together. Adding a couple pieces from the keeper stash, I think I've got enough variety for this quilt.

fuchsia fabric pull for a birch stand style quilt

With the aid of my favorite Color Tool

Ultimate 3 in 1 Color Tool

I'm pairing these fuchsia prints with the soft, buttery yellow of Kona Banana - yummy!

Now I'm off to make up strip sets - I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. There are a lot of quilters who are cleaning out things - including me!
    Have a great time - love those purples!!!!

  2. Where do you sell these fabrics? I would love to get back some of what I splurged on my stash last year. I can use the storage space for projects.

  3. Oh you can do it. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I can't believe you sold your fabric!

  4. One of my favorite color combinations!

  5. Oh, you like to keep us in suspense! What is that color tool that you are using?


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