Friday, April 13, 2018

An X-Block Project

I am infected with spring fever! Yep - I've got it bad!

spring fever

With the last two Midweek Makers geared towards spring colors, the yard spruced up with new plants and black bark,

front yard spruce up

and seeing the bees enjoy all the blossoms - I'm definitely infected! 

And I totally relate to the bees - flitting around, unable to settle on just one blossom or plant, wanting to taste everything. The same goes for my quilting projects. There's the Stockade quilts I've teased you with; scrap blocks for a quilt in an upcoming book hop; the desire to play with the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler; and quilts to make for a couple blog hops.

It's quite unusual for me to jump from project to project, as I usually finish one before taking on the next. So, with all the Stockade quilts finished, the background scrap blocks done, the Hunter's Star ruler set aside, I've now jumped to an X-block quilt for a May hop. Want to see what's up with that one?

Here's the fabric pull:

X-block fabric pull

the strip sets, plus how the blocks are cut using the ruler:

X-block fabric strips plus ruler

and the two layouts I'm considering:

Option 1

X-block layout option 1

Option 2

X-block layout option 2

I'm leaning toward Option 2, as it's a bit more interesting: what do you think? Leave me a comment with your vote - and we'll see which one wins!

While all the voting is going on, I'll put this one on hold and spring into another project - more to come!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I agree with your option #2 only because you rarely see that pattern. Option #1 looks like a regular chevron . . . not that there's anything wrong with that! I actually love how the red ends up framing wider chevron stripes in option #1. So there, I've argued for both options - you'll have to pick the one you're feeling best about. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Yes, option #2 is my preference.

  3. I kind of like option 2 - it is different from what one normally sees

  4. I like option 2 as well. It's a little different and more interesting. You have certainly been busy. We're still waiting for spring. Ice or freezing rain forecast for tomorrow. Yuck.

  5. I can see why you have the spring fever :) I actually like number one the best. Or you could do what I did recently. I was working on a doll quilt and the layout was suppose to be similar to layout #1. Some how I got things turned and it was a combination of layout 1 and 2 :)

    1. Now that is an interesting idea - I'll have to lay that one out. One thing I don't like about option 2 is there are unfinished diamonds on two sides. I did make up a few more blocks, but that didn't help matters. So maybe a combo of 1+2 might work.

  6. Love the fabrics you're using too! I agree, Option 2 is very cool!! Option 2 has my Vote! :)

  7. Love the cheery fabrics! I lean towards option 2. It makes a very interesting design!

  8. Ah, I see what you mean - option 2 is not symmetrical with the blue on 2 edges and the yellow on the other 2. However, there is lots of room for your gorgeous quilting in option 2...

  9. I vote #2. It is a much more interesting design to my eyes.

  10. Oh, two, definitely! And your garden is lovely!

  11. Both layouts are great, but I think I'm leaning toward #2. I need to stop moving from project to project....focus and finish! LOL


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