Friday, September 28, 2018

Pumpkin Harvest Quilt

It's Pumpkin Harvest time!

Pumpkin Harvest in the field by QuiltFabrication

Just look at all of those pumpkins out there in the field!

Pumpkin Harvest pumpkin quilt in the field by QuiltFabrication

This 51" x 69" lap quilt started as a spin off of my Pumpkat Patch table runner

Pumpkat Patch table runner by QuiltFabrication

since I've always loved the combo of pumpkins and leaves. In case you didn't already know, I do like cats too, and have played around with more pumpkin/cat settings, though they still need work - hah!

Anyway, I love how these pumpkins just pop off the black background! Of course, with all that orange and green, they'd pop off a grey or a cream background too!

Solid pumpkin block from Pumpkin Harvest

That's one of the solid color pumpkins, while here's a pumpkin that's scrappy:

Scrappy pumpkin block from Pumpkin Harvest

Combining the two styles in the quilt really adds to the interest, keeping the eye moving around that pumpkin field, wanting you to pick out your favorite!

Pumpkin Harvest Quilt by QuiltFabrication

As for the quilting on this: swirls in the scrappy pumpkins (thanks Vicki of Vicki's Crafts and Quilting for that idea!), curved lines on the solids, and veins in the leaves and stems. 

solid pumpkin quilting design

The background is a fairly large stipple, mainly because I wanted this quilt to be soft and snuggly, and anything fancy would be hard to see on the black. The quilting is easier to see on the really pretty backing fabric.

quilting and backing fabric on the Pumpkin Harvest quilt

If you look closely, you'll see how I quilted up to the HST's in the border, stitched-in-the-ditch around them, then came out again, keeping the flow of the stipple.

Are you ready for a Pumpkin Harvest in your house?

Happy Quilting everyone!

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  1. This turned out really great! I love the look with the black background, and the triangles as a border is a fabulous finishing touch.

  2. Orange on black is always so stunning! Great pattern!

  3. I love that you put the two different style pumpkins in this quilt.

  4. Such a fun quilt! I love the pumpkins and especially love how the green HSTs on the edge seem to just be floating in the air! Great job!

    1. Thanks Brenda! I think of those HST's on the edge as small leaves that are at the edge of the pumpkin field, like a fence.

  5. The pumpkins turned out beautifully! Love the leaves with them!

  6. Hi Susan! This is a fabulous finish for today. I really love the black background fabric. I know it's typical for a Halloween theme, but it really allows all of the different orange fabrics shine while adding just a bit of a 'dirt' look. And the HSTs around the border make me think there are more pumpkins over there in another row . . . we just can't see them yet. I love this! Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne! I love that black background with those little gold squares - it was perfect for this quilt. I could have gone trendy with grey, but the black just makes those pumpkins and leaves pop! As for the border HST's, I think of them as leaf bits that make up a kind of fence for this pumpkin field.
      Have a great weekend!

  7. That really turned out cute, Susan. The variety in the pumpkins does make it interesting.

  8. Susan, What a lovely quilt, I like that you used scrappy pumpkins as well as solid pumpkins. I also love the green leaves that just make this quilt pop. Beautiful work and great looking pattern.

  9. The new design is lovely -- and Pumpkat made me smile!

  10. I'll say it again, what a wonderful quilter you are Susan. But aren't pumpkins just the cutest sunniest things to sew.


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