Monday, October 1, 2018

More Swimming Silhouettes and a FREE Lap Quilt Design

We're revisiting the My Happy Place 2018 Rowalong today - I've got a row pattern update!

Did you know that preparation for the September launch of the Rowalong begins six to nine months in advance, with final 12" x 30" row designs and patterns due in June? When I designed my original freestyle row, 

In the Swimming Pool row by QuiltFabrication

it didn't occur to me to also design butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke silhouettes. Only when the rowalong started, did the idea to make all four swim strokes come to me. Duh!

So, while finishing up the pattern for the Pumpkin Harvest lap quilt, I also pulled out some pictures and got to work on more swimming silhouettes for a complete set of  In the Swimming Pool rows.

swimming silhouettes by QuiltFabrication

Due to the very positive response to the freestyle row, as many of you swim or have relatives that swim, I'm happy to announce all four swim stroke silhouettes are now included in the row pattern at Etsyfor a whole pool's worth of swimmers!

swimming pool quilt rows by QuiltFabrication

Pick a favorite stroke or make all four - combine them together for a one-of-a-kind swimmers quilt. Each row measures 12" x 30", but can easily be made longer or shorter, however it fits in with your quilt design. 

Speaking of design, here's a FREE lap size idea to use:  add some nine-patch blocks around the rows, alternating with plain blocks.

possible swimming theme quilt layout

Add in a few swim related words, a team logo, or even swim related t-shirts for an awesome, personalized swimming themed quilt for someone special! 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Cool. Thanks for updating the pattern with the other strokes.

  2. As a swim team mom, I LOVE this quilt!!!

  3. Susan, thanks so much for the additional swimmers!! I will now have to make my 9 YO granddaughter and almost 7 YO grandson throws! They are both on the swim team at the Y and love it. Love my little fishies!!

  4. The additional swimmers are perfect to make a complete project for swimming enthusiasts. I know I'm late in getting caught up with my emails after attending our son's wedding. But I just wanted to tell you 'thanks so much' for drawing my name for the batting. That will be wonderful to work with - thank you!

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