Friday, October 26, 2018

Becharmed Quilt

How about these gorgeous feathers on a little pink scrap quilt. Today, I'm revealing all of Becharmed!

Becharmed baby quilt by QuiltFabrication

Such a pretty little scrap quilt, if I do say so myself!

This quilt is a sister quilt to the Scrap Happy baby quilt from last year,

Scrap Happy baby quilt from the Charm School book

which was a pattern in the Charm School (affiliate link) by Vanessa Goertzen.

Since I had so many pink/purple charm squares left over from Scrap Happy, I designed Becharmed.

Making the 4-patch blocks for the center plus the borders was a snap using The Charming 4-Patch - Fast, Fun, and Fabulous tutorial. For a quick refresher, charm squares are sewn together, cut, sewn, and cut again, creating 4-patch blocks quickly and easily - without ever sewing a 2.5" square.

Fast Fun Fabulous 4-Patch blocks at QuiltFabrication

Along with the written tutorial, there's also a video to explain the process.

And to make a lot of 4-patch blocks at once, check out both The Charming 4-Patch on Overdrive, and it's companion video.

Now back to Becharmed. Once all the 4-patch blocks were done, some became the center block, while the others were saved for the border. 

Becharmed scrap quilt by QuiltFabrication

Cream charms create both the inner and outer borders. Here's a little secret:  it's the backside of those cream charms that make up the borders. The front side was either too dark or had too much print, but the backs were perfect, so don't be afraid to use the backside of a fabric.

And with the open space of those cream borders, feathers just seemed a natural choice - they show up beautifully!

Becharmed feather closeup

Balancing that is the simple crosshatch quilting on the 4-patches - super easy!

If you're looking for a fast baby quilt, check out Becharmed!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Awesome use of charms, great scrapbuster!

  2. Hi Susan! This turned out so fabulous. I love the idea of using the back side of the fabric, making them even more low volume! Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I think it was Bonnie Hunter who said, "You've paid for both sides of the fabric, so you might as well use either side". This is a cute design. Looks fast and easy (well, not the feathers, but that's another story).

  4. Hi Susan, I'm "charmed" by your quilt! Love those charm packs!

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorials. I have tons of charms and this would be a fun way to use them. The very pale backs provide good contrast. All in all, a charming Quilt.

  6. I love both quilts! and the feather quilting is absolutely beautiful!!!!
    Great job! Hugs and thank you for showcasing my quilt!

  7. Great sister quilt!! I have occasionally used the back of fabric when it was the right color, and more often as an oops! When I first started quilting I bought some fabric that was intentionally two-sided with a different print on the "back". I wish more designers could make more of their fabric two-sided. Now to find my charm squares!!

  8. What a great quilt. I haven't used the back of a fabric, at least on purpose. LOL The feathers are wonderful.

  9. This is a beautiful quilt, so I guess I better open that book (I got it several weeks ago.) I love how it turned out and your quilting is gorgeous as usual!

  10. I'm a sucker for charm quilts, especially when I can use 4 patch blocks. The quilts are wonderful. The feather quilting looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the videos.

  11. Love both of these quilts using simple four patches. The feathers quilting is so beautiful. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy

  12. It amazing!! and what a great way to use smaller pieces!!!


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