Monday, December 10, 2018

Paradise 5 in the Works

You've probably seen the quilts I recently made for those in Paradise, CA. Since I've made two of the same pattern, 

Paradise 1 by QuiltFabrication
Paradise 1

Paradise 4 by QuiltFabrication
Paradise 4

and have been asked for a tutorial, I'm now making a third. I've gone through the stash, and these homespuns are begging to be used. Plus, it would be nice to send a quilt to Paradise that's for a guy!

homespun fabrics

I do have a couple more FQ's, which didn't really work with the red/blue/green scheme I've got here, so I'll save those and see if I can make a smaller quilt with just the FQ's. Who knows - maybe that will become another fast, easy quilt tutorial too!

For those homespuns above, it will be another Quarter Cut Quilt, which is what I'm calling this pattern. It requires quarter cuts or more of yardage, and also fat quarters. So I think Quarter Cut Quilt is fitting!

I do wish I had the tutorial for you today, but too many Christmas parties and luncheons took away a ton of quilting time last week. So be patient - the tutorial is coming!

Until then, Happy Quilting!

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