Monday, December 3, 2018

Paradise Quilts 1 and 2

For the last few days, I've been super busy sewing away, making quilts for those who lost their homes in Paradise, CA.

Paradise 1

Paradise 1 by QuiltFabrication

What started out as random WOF floral pieces that all had some blue in them, then sewn together in bands with dark blue sashing, turned into great quilt! I love all of the color in this one with all of those florals - it really gives off a soft, "snuggle with me" vibe.

I forgot to take closeup pictures, but I do have one of the back.

Paradise 1 quilt backing

I needed just a bit more backing length, and had an extra panel leftover which helped for that and binding.

Paradise 2

This one is for a young lady, and is full of fun 10" squares I had gotten at a quilt show a few years ago.

Paradise 2 quilt by QuiltFabrication

Adding in some dark blue for shadowing, and a multi-colored print for sashings, this one will be treasured too!

Paradise 2 quilt closeup

And all those leftover pieced flannel strips made a great backing.

Paradise 2 quilt back

With the first two finished, a third is on it's way! I have until Tuesday to get it done.

For those of you wishing to send quilts to Paradise, I wish I could provide you with an address. I'm sending these with two guild members who are delivering quilts and quilting supplies to Paradise next week. I'll see if they know of a specific organization or address and will let you know.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love your strippy quilts. Are you doing a tutorial on them by chance? Did you sew the skinny strips to the big ones WOF and then cut to the size you want? A great stash buster for donation ones for sure.

    1. I do plan a tutorial for this quilt, probably next week.

  2. These quilts are so beautiful and I know they will be so loved and treasured by those who lost everything. What a beautiful heart you have.


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