Monday, November 4, 2019

Houston Wrap Up

If you ever get the chance to go to International Quilt Festival Houston, even if you don't have a quilt in the show - do it! I'm glad I can now say I've been to the Houston show!

Mediterranean Rose and QuiltFabrication

Where to start the recap? How about the weather? Warm and humid when I arrived, then temps into the high 30's in the AM, rising to maybe 55-60 during the day. Colder than home in Northern CA!

Classes? Awesome! I like that most of them are short, around 3-4 hours, cause I've noticed enthusiasm can wain in the afternoon of a full day class. It also allows for a nice wide variety of classes to sample.

My first class was the Pet Portrait Pattern with Jane Haworth. We were to bring a 18 x 22 black and white photo, and a smaller color photo for reference, of our pet. Being a fast worker, I brought five pictures, planning to work on three, which I did. Here's a sample of Winston, and his pattern.

QuiltFabrication's Winston

QuiltFabrication's Winston pattern

Looks like a lot of pieces doesn't it? I may simplify it when it's gets to the fabric stage, but for now, I have a rough idea of value and color changes. Who knows when I'll start working on it though - maybe a once a week project?

The next day was the Confetti Landscapes class with Noriko Endo. Can't believe she's 80! And my, what a talented and charming lady - she told us we were all her children, and we in turn, called her 'Mom'.

She had pictures for us to choose from, and a big suitcase full of sorted scraps to create with. Here's mine, just before she added black and blue bits for realism.

confetti landscape project with Noriko Endo

Then we placed black tulle over it, and freemotion quilted the layers together with smoke monofilament.

layered and quilted confetti landscape project with Noriko Endo

In real life, this piece looks a bit more dull because of the tulle and the thread. When I posted about it on Instagram, a suggestion was made to use water soluble stabilizer instead of tulle, so I may try that next time. If there is a next time, as my style is not quite this free form, plus I'll have to save ALL of my scraps - ugh.

BTW, classes are a great way to get a deal on a new sewing machine. We used Janome 9450's, which were very nice machines, especially with the extra pull out light. If I charged it on my credit card right then, I could have brought one home for around $2600 - they normally run around $5400. Wow! 

Ok, back to classes. The last one was an EQ8 class for advanced users/pattern writers. Though the presentation was good, it was not what I was looking for from the description. But at least I gave it a chance, and learned one or two things.

Festival also has other short talks, lectures, meet the teachers, and workshops going on, both in classrooms, and on the vendor floor. Some were free and others $10-$40, and a nice way to take in some learning if all the other activities hasn't worn one out. The vendors alone take days to get through!

view of the vendors at International Quilt Festival Houston 2019

Over all, I enjoyed the experience, and the quilts submitted where just lovely - I think this show gets the cream of the crop! Sorry I'm not showing pics of them, cause a) I don't have permission from the makers, and b) I don't want anyone to think they're mine. But I will show you one thing - my quilt, Mediterranean Rose, was published on page 12 of the Commemorative Program book!

Mediterranean Rose on page 12 of the 2019 International Quilt Festival Houston guide book

What an honor, and an incredible show experience, cause this quilt was not made for entering shows - it was for perfecting hand quilting and providing an activity on a cruise. I am completely blown away by the continued reception it receives. So thank you, Quilt Festival Houston, for adding a bright spot to my quilting life!

Happy Quilting to you today!

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  1. Were you there all the days of the show? And did you get through all the vendors and are you going to tell us what all hopped into your suitcase on the way home?!

    1. I was there Wed thru Fri, which for me, is enough. My eyes glaze over after 3 hours!Yes, I got to all the vendors, though there are a lot of them there selling oddball stuff - squeegee mops, jewelry, jewelry cleaner, massagers, creams and other snake oil, etc, etc. Can't believe they spend all that money for a booth, and no steps in. ???I did forget to say on the post that I didn't buy a thing, but upon reflection and discussion with hubby, decided not to edit and put in there as everyone would question my tough as nails resistance to temptation. I just got really choosy as to where my dollars would go. Plus, I didn't have much suitcase space - that's one way to limit purchases! And goodness knows, I don't need more fabric.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Houston. And how fabulous to find your quilt photo in the booklet; congratulations!

  3. Having been to the Houston Quilt Festival several times (but only for the day), I agree that it can be overwhelming (both quilts and vendors) and I've never bought much there. A wonderful experience though even if you don't have a quilt on display.

  4. What a treat for your quilt to appear in the Program Guide.

  5. How exciting to have your quilt featured in that issue! The process for Confetti Landscapes is certainly interesting. Fun to try something entirely new.

  6. Oh Susan wish I had been able to go and meet you! I love your work! And what an HONOR from the Houston Show! You deserve it! Our Texas weather is really something! Glad it cooled off when you got here! Hugs

  7. Sounds like an awesome experience! Neat quilt you got going there in Noriko's class!! And congrats on having your quilt in the show and published! It was fun to read your review.

  8. Hi Susan! Wow, it looks like you took some very different classes. I cannot wait to see you begin work on Winston. What a pretty boy he is! I'm sorry the EQ8 class wasn't what you were expecting. That's a disappointment after spending money on it, but I'm glad you learned a few things anyway. Big congrats on being mentioned in the Special Exhibits area!! WOWEE! Oh, and thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I saw your quilt and loved it. It is striking.

  10. How wonderful, Susan!! Going to the Houston show is on my bucket list, too -- maybe next year, as this was the first year that I didn't have a child trick-or-treating (sniff, sniff). Your appliqué quilt is beautiful, and the classes you took sound great, too (especially that advanced EQ8 Class!)

  11. Congrats!! How wonderful to have a mention in such a big show. One of these days I will get there, the show, not the recognition, LOL

  12. Congratulations Susan. It sounds like an amazing trip and must have been so cool to see your quilt up at Houston!!! It really is the cream of the crop.

  13. Congratulations on having your quilt at the's beautiful!


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