Monday, December 16, 2019

The Ultimate Thread Guide Review

I recently received a brand new book, The Ultimate Thread Guide (affiliate link), from my favorite book company, C&T Publishing. And what a wealth of information contained in these pages!

The Ultimate Thread Guide by Becky Goldsmith

Written by the prolific quilter and author Becky Goldsmith, this guide is incredibly thorough and is a must read for everyone that sews. Though everyone's stand-by, all-purpose thread, works fine for a majority of projects, there are many more threads to choose from these days making this a handy, comprehensive thread guide to take along when shopping. 

The Ultimate Thread Guide (affiliate link) starts with discussing thread types, fibers, weight, and thickness, then moves into choosing the right thread and needle for the project. 

table of contents in The Ultimate Thread Guide by Becky Goldsmith

There's tons of information contained here, such as how the fibers are made and spun, what they're blended with to improve strength, how they hold up over time, and their tolerance to heat. Becky presents all of this and more in an informative style, which is well worth reading to increase everyone's knowledge about thread. There is no preference for one thread over another, nor a manufacturer over another. This book is pure information for choosing the right thread for the project.

a variety of threads for different sewing uses

The last portion of The Ultimate Thread Guide (affiliate link) consists of handy charts describing content, weight, use, and needle size for all threads available from 14 thread manufacturers. These charts are incredibly useful to have when pondering the rainbow of thread choices at the quilt shop. 

Mettler thread choices by chart

Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk up to a thread display and be able to decipher the thread labels? And to narrow down choices based on content or weight? Well, the charts in The Ultimate Thread Guide (affiliate link) will help with making those decisions.

As for me, I feel armed with new thread knowledge - detailed information about all the threads available - so that I can make a more informed decision when choosing thread for a project. Thank you, C&T Publishing for generously providing The Ultimate Thread Guide (affiliate link) - it's another great resource to add to my book shelf!

Happy Quilting!

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