Monday, December 30, 2019

The X-Long T-Shirt Quilt

Yeah! Christmas has come and gone, so I can finally post about the commissioned twin extra-long t-shirt quilt made over three weeks ago.

extra long t-shirt quilt

Since this was a gift for her musically inclined son, my client requested no social sharing until after Christmas. Now I can share the whole quilt - hope you're not tired of seeing t-shirt quilts!

This quilt measures 73" x 98", which is just a smidge bigger than the recommended 71" x 96" for an extra-long twin bed. Sashing and borders bring the quilt to size, as I had 9 shirts with large logos and 6 shirts with narrow logos to work with. 

first round of design layout of t-shirts

To start the design process, I laid out the shirts on a sheet marked off with four measuring tapes of the quilt size. The above is the first layout round. As I worked, fusing sheer weight fusible, trimming to size, and adding sashing for a row construction method, I moved a few shirts around for this final layout.

fused shirts with sashing added

Then I switched to both block and column construction, as the 6 shirts in the lower half can't be put together in a row. 

column and block construction of a t-shirt quilt

And that's part of the fun of t-shirt quilts - figuring out how to put them together. Just a bit of creativity and the need to remember to add a 1/2" seam allowance are all that's needed. For more information, check out the T-Shirt Quilt Hints and Tips post, which goes over more fine details on t-shirt quilt construction.

With the top complete, I messaged the client about thread choices, either a purple or grey, which are both dribbled onto the quilt to see what they look like.

thread choices for quilting

She kept her first choice, which was the purple. Turned out to be a great choice, especially with the musically related pantograph, Bebop.

t-shirt quilt after quilting

Because this quilt is so large, I didn't dare take it outside for a full size photo. Instead, it's back on a sheet on the floor,

t-shirt quilt for an extra long twin bed

looking fabulous, even with sunlight streaming onto it! She was very happy, and looks forward to seeing on her son's bed.

And some fun facts: this quilt used 6.5 yards of sheer weight fusible, 10 yards of fabric, including the back, and 2.5 yards of batting. Yes, quilts take a lot of material. But it is possible to keep that to a minimum, especially if there are a lot of shirts - check out the LinkedIn t-shirt wall hanging.

Have I inspired you to try a t-shirt quilt? Go ahead, jump in!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. That is gorgeous! I was adding up the costs of your materials in my head and wonder what do you charge for making a t-shirt quilt?

  2. I remember putting my sons T shirt quilt together in a similar method as yours. It was fun but I don't really have a desire to make another. You did a fabulous job on it!

  3. I love this one with the purple and the gray background fabric! You make it look so easy! I know I'll be coming to your blog for tips and ideas if I ever end up making one of these!!

  4. Hi Susan! I sure do like the gray sashing and borders on this quilt. It really is the perfect shade to highlight the purple. I love the quilting pattern as well. I am certain your customer's son will be very, very happy with his quilt. I have one to start on in the new year for my great-niece who is graduating from high school in May. She was in gymnastics and now swimming and will have loads of t-shirts. It will be interesting to see the variety of colors I am anticipating. Happy New Year to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I just LOVE this t-shirt quilt. The purple and grey are perfect together!

  6. Absolutely flawless and so beautiful I love purple anyway!

  7. Fabulous quilt! Wow, purple thread, turned out amazing!

  8. Pretty awesome! But no, I’m not inspired to construct a t-shirt quilt, as amazing as this one turned out.

  9. Hi again! Just wanted to thank you for linking up this week. I hope you are enjoying day one of the new year. ~smile~ Roseanne

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