Friday, February 7, 2020

Wrap Up Some Love

Adorable kitties and hearts? Yes please! I want to Wrap Up Some Love with these!
Wrap Up Some Love quilt by QuiltFabrication

Who can resist sweet, soft kitties? They're known to be masters of love, and excel at curling their tails around your heart. Goodness knows, it's happened to me several times!
Wrap Up Some Love lap quilt by QuiltFabrication

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and all of my heart table runners - Love Match, Heart to Heart, Sweetheart, and Love Abounds - decorate the dining and living rooms. But something's missing, the sofa is bare. It needs a heart themed lap quilt! 

Wrap Up Some Love cat and heart block by QuiltFabrication

Though inspired by all the FREE heart patterns posted last month, I wanted something a bit different. Being a cat lover, I saw this cute line drawing,
cat line drawing

which sent me down a road of how to construct it in fabric. After a few sketches on graph paper, sizing pieces to cut, and a lot of stitch 'n flip sewing, a cat/heart block was born. Oh! It happened again - a kitty wrapped around my heart!

first cat and heart block by QuiltFabrication

With such easy construction, I made a few more kitties, having fun changing the cat and heart fabrics, and waited for the blocks to speak to me. No, they didn't purr or meow, but did give me a setting to work with. All the quilt needed were additional blocks to tie it all together. 

Wrap Up Some Love second cat and heart block by QuiltFabrication

Keeping in mind the strong diagonal element going on, the first blocks I made overpowered the cats with too much red. Changing the color placement made the re-worked blocks just right, adding the right amount of spark. I think of them as a combined hug and a kiss!

Wrap Up Some Love alternate blocks by QuiltFabrication

Add in additional background, and a simple heart pantograph, and these kitties are ready to Wrap Up Some Love!

Wrap Up Some Love quilt by QuiltFabrication

The Wrap Up Some Love pattern is perfect a Valentine quilt to the confident beginner quilter and above.

Happy Quilting!

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