Friday, March 20, 2020

The Second Life of Quilts

What happens to old, retired quilts? Why, they find a useful, purposeful second life, such as any of these three possibilities!

The Second Life of Quilts mini by QuiltFabrication

Yes, any quilt can find a new, second life as a parachute, a hang gliding sail, or as the sail for a windsurfer! Certainly a perfect fit - just make sure to mend any holes!

Did this make you chuckle? Hope so! Welcome to my day of the Making Us Laugh Blog Hop hosted by Joan of MooseStash Quilting.

All of the images were transferred with TAP or transfer artist paper (affiliate link), which was not only really easy to use, but provided great transferred images. Can you tell I had a lot of fun? Weee!

parachute man image transferred using TAP or transfer artist paper

quilted hang glider

quilted wind surfer

I was lucky to find the perfect background fabric in the stash - a blue ombre, grading from the sky

The Second Life of Quilts top portion by QuiltFabrication

down to sea.

The Second Life of Quilts lower portion by QuiltFabrication

Notice the sails are appliqued on. That's because I wanted them to keep their vibrant colors and not get muted by the background blue, which is something to consider when using TAP (affiliate link). I'll have more on working with TAP, (affiliate link) and how I did the applique part on Monday's post.

And did you also notice the border? See any seams? 

seamless picture frame border

This is a 'picture frame border', a technique I learned from Noriko Endo's class in Houston. I actually remembered how to do it, and very happy with how it turned out. There's a tutorial coming on making this picture frame border next week!

I hope you've enjoyed this fun little project, and that it made you think about your quilt's second lives. I know I have a couple that would work great for sails!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. What a fun piece! The no-seam picture-frame border is very interesting and I look forward to reading more about it.

  2. Such a fun project. And that background. Hm, I might have one also, but never found a use for it. Have a nice weekend, in spite of the crazy things going on just now.

  3. Well, I've seen quilts that have aged into stuffed animals, pillows and bags, but never into a parachute, hang glider or a sail - such a lively imagination, Susan!!

  4. Heya Susan, so wonderful to see you and what you've been up to. I love your second life of quilts, so cute and way to go re-using from the old to make new again. I'll definitely be watching to see how you used the TAP and the tutorial on the frame. I'm quite interested in that.

  5. Well you sure have my attention. I've seen a little bit of information on TAP. I'll be watching to see what your up to with it, as well as that border! Thanks for joining the hop. I've got plenty of second life possibilities! LOL!!

  6. Yes, you gave me a smile and a chuckle! What a quilt!

  7. That is a fun quilt and I do like the frame/border and am curious how you did it, so I will be back when you post more about it.

  8. Hi Susan! Very cool project! I am interested in learning about your picture frame border - I know I'll be back to learn about it. I am also going to check out your TAP item. You did indeed make me smile today, and I appreciate and thank you for that. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Love your project! I love it when I learn something new in the land of quilting/crafting. I have never heard of TAP, but I will definitely be trying it out. Looking forward to you showing us more info on this product. Love the no-seam frame, too. Really interested in how it was made. Thank you so much for the inspiration and smiles today!

  10. Great use of an old quilt and I look forward to seeing how that frame is done.

  11. So creative. Love it and yes, it did make me smile. Looking forward to see how you did that picture frame border.

  12. Fun! I like seeing the different kinds of sails. Several smiles here for sure!

  13. This is such an entertaining piece to look at and definitely worth a big smile!

  14. lol Isn't it great that quilts have a second life? Loved your suggestions for the second life!

  15. I love this! The parachute/quilts are perfect. Look forward to your tutorial too!

  16. This was a helpful tutorial. I just ordered a pack of TAP on sale this last weekend. I will know better how to work with it. The Second Life of Quilts is a fun commentary.

  17. Those are perfect second life's for quilts. lol


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