Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Summer Fun - Surfboards!

Who wants to make fun surfboards and an entire quilt from FREE summer themed blocks? 

QuiltFabrication Summer Fun Surfboards quilt block pattern

Introducing a new quilting adventure, Quilt Block Mania, featuring free monthly quilt blocks from numerous designers, with a new themed block each month. We're starting off with summer - how hot is that?

summer quilt block mania on an orange background

The theme for July 2020 is Summer Fun, full of everything summery from flip flops to cool drinks to water fun and just about anything you can think of that's summer related. Just look at all these fun blocks!

photo collage of 28 different quilt blocks depicting summer

It's definitely a full list of links to all of the creators of Summer Fun blocks in this year's Quilt Block Mania Summer Series:

Camping Tent by Carolina Moore
Beach Umbrella by Jennifer Fulton
Flip Flops by Becca Fenstermaker
Summer Cocktail by Marian Pena
Beach Ball by Laura Piland
Popsicle by Sherry Shish
Curvy fish by Velda Roy
Angelfish by Lisa Amundson
Bucket and Shovel by Heidi Pridemore
Wonky Beach Umbrella by Jamie Siel
Starfish by Leanne Parsons
Sailboat at Sunset by Glenda Wilder
Yacht by Sue Griffiths
Food/Ice Cream Truck by Laura Strickland
Crab by Afton Warrick
Sleeping bag and star by Sarah Vanderburgh
Funky Flower by Kathryn LeBlanc
IceCream Cond by Sarah Marcina
Sunglasses by Celine Perkins
Sun by Charisma Horton
Hello Summer by Amarar Creacions
Tall Ships by Kris Driessen
Life Saver Preserver by Sandy Fitzpatrick
Dragon Fly by Julie Luoma
Up in The Air by Judit Hajdu
Surfboard by Susan Arnold
Beach Treasures by Linda Bratten
Two Scoops by Shari Butler
Free to Fly by Marcea Owen

For my design, I've chosen a super easy applique block of rotated surfboards, named Summer Fun Surfboards, perfect for a beginner quilter. 

QuiltFabrication created Summer Fun Surfboards, three vertical surfboards on a blue background

They're shown in modern prints, though batiks and Hawaiian fabrics would look just as wonderful. As for the center stripe, I recommend using a coordinating or complimentary color. The fabric placement could even be reversed, with a solid colored surfboard and a fabric print for the stripe. It's completely up to you!

QuiltFabrication created a Summer Fun Surfboards block of three solid colored vertical surfboards on a blue background

The Summer Fun Surfboards free version is now available with the Surfboards in the Sand block.

three different colorful surfboards standing up in the sand with an ocean behind

Since I had so much fun designing surfboards, I made this additional fun fusible surfboards block, which includes a beach background - they're Surfboards in the Sand

The complete Surfboards in the Sand block pattern includes three surfboard designs, all directions for the sand and the sea, PLUS the full Summer Fun Surfboards free block pattern from Quilt Block Mania. That's two patterns in one, for a total of four different surfboards - plenty of mixing and matching to create your own block. Find Surfboards in the Sand at the Etsy/QuiltFabrication shop and start surfing!

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Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. As a California Girl through-and-through, I love this block! So fun!

  2. Love your surfboards! Great suggestions for reversing the fabric placement. And so happy I could leave you a comment :)

  3. Such a cute pattern, thank you Susan.

  4. I really do love the surfboards! This is so fun!

  5. Thanks for a wonderful summer memory pattern! And an easy download, too. =)

  6. Great block! This is a fun series and a set of great designers.

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