Friday, July 3, 2020

July 2020 Book of the Month - Triangle Block Tool

Hi all! Today I'm sharing a book for those who love quilts full of triangles, diamonds, and hexagon blocks - it's the Quick & Easy Triangle Block Tool (affiliate link) by Sheila Christensen, and C&T Publishing.

quilt book with 100 triangle, diamond, and hexagon quilt block ideas

And WOW! Does this book offer a variety of block designs to really up the drama in your quilts! Just look at these examples:

triangle quilt block made of hexagons and triangles

hexagon block with interwoven stripes

and my favorite, Orchid.
striped diamonds joined together to make a triangle quilt block called orchid
Full of pictures, diagrams, and size charts, plus thorough cutting instructions given in the beginning of the Quick & Easy Triangle Block Tool book (affiliate link), even a beginner could learn how to cut triangle, diamond, and hexagon shapes. And not just the easy way, with rulers of those shapes, but the instructions ALSO include using straight rulers. This makes me super happy, as I'm someone that limits the number of specialty rulers in the studio, so the instructions for using straight rulers is greatly appreciated. And it's easier than you think, especially with the easy-to-follow pictures and drawings.

a page giving instructions for how to cut triangles from fabric for quilting

Each block (there are 100 of them!) includes an outline drawing of the pieces, a suggested color layout, a diagram of the block parts, and finally, a picture of the block in fabric.

emporer triangle quilt block drawing and pieces

Each page also includes the cutting size chart for each shape and for different block sizes. Each block comes in four different sizes. How convenient is that - no need to do quilt math!

Emporer triangle block cutting chart

Finishing off each block page, there are quilt layout ideas for each block, which certainly gets those creative juices flowing.
Emporer triangle block quilt layout ideas

Here's what a full block page looks like, this time with the Floating block.

Floating block diagram page from Triangle Block Tool book
What more could you ask for in a quilt book? If you're a triangle, diamond, or hexagon lover, you really seriously need the Quick & Easy Triangle Block Tool book (affiliate link) to make even more stunning quilts! If your not, there's also the companion book full of square blocks, the Quick & Easy Block Tool (affiliate link), in the same format, with 110 blocks in 5 sizes - another must have. 

Happy Quilting! And thank you, C&T Publishing for providing great quilt books!

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  1. That does look nice. Great looking blocks too.

  2. Thank you, Susan! I've got the Triangle Book in my cart for ordering through your link through Amazon. I need to add another item so the order equals $25 or greater for free shipping. Have a Safe and Happy 4th!

  3. Great books! The triangle book looks fabulous!


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