Friday, November 6, 2020

Rainbow Celilo Quilt

Yay! I have a scrap finish to report! My Rainbow Celilo is a now a beautiful quilt!

rainbow of colors cascading down the Celilo quilt by QuiltFabrication

Just look at how well she drapes on this outdoor swing - a perfect size to cuddle under!

All of those scrap blocks I've been working on have created a great quilt. 

rainbow of scrap blocks

Doesn't she look stunning on this bench too? 

Rainbow Celilo scrap quilt on a park bench

Hubby was kind enough to be my quilt holder, so here's the full on, straight version.

full view of the Rainbow Celilo quilt by QuiltFabrication

Aren't the cascades of rainbow color just wonderful? All that color came from the scrap bag, then balanced with white, which is the absence of color.

To keep with the color theme, I happened to find 3 yards of a black FreeSpirit print in my stash for both the backing and the binding.

black quilt backing with confetti colors

If you didn't already know, black absorbs all the colors and is the absence of light. So, I've got the spectrum plus no color on the front all being absorbed to make black on the back. Wild, huh?

And because this quilt is pretty cheery with all that color, it's quilted with a variegated thread and the Happy Times pantograph.

variegated thread for quilting on the Rainbow Celilo quilt

Ah, the stars aligned once again and the quilt gods have smiled on this one!

I have now updated the Celilo quilt pattern to include color fabric quantities for making a lap size Rainbow Celilo quilt. To make your own scrap rainbow, find Celilo in my Etsy shop.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. So pretty and a great way to use small bits and pieces.

  2. love it - the color is so bright and pretty

  3. The rainbow of colors is joyful and it looks like the perfect cuddle size!

  4. I just saw this yesterday in tiny pieces! This is FABULOUS and you are amazing. Thanks for sharing

  5. Love the scrappy rainbow. I look forward to using some of my many scraps on such a fun quilt

  6. It's really pretty and of course I love all the bright color.

  7. Love the colours!!! And a fantastic use of scraps! :-)

  8. Beautiful scrap quilt, Susan!! Well done.

  9. Gorgeous! I just bagged up my Island batik scraps and am so happy that I can find a scrap without creating a huge mess. It was totally unmanageable and now I am beaming that I could start making some more blocks I started a while ago. This gives me hope that one day I will do it. My rule was rectangles only.

  10. A wonderful rainbow quilt. It's beautiful.

  11. It is a beautiful finish. Love the rainbow thread quilting too.

  12. This is a seriously great way to use it!

  13. Your Celilo Rainbow came out great, Susan! What did you choose for your batting? I don't see any batting pokies on the backing side, and no black shadowing through to make the white background of your quilt top look gray, either. So obviously, whatever batting you used was perfect!

  14. Hi Susan! Your Celilo Rainbow quilt is just gorgeous. I love And to use up scraps - isn't that the best?! Plus that binding is just perfect, too. When it all comes together like this it is meant to be, for sure. Thanks for linking up! ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. Your quilt holder did a great job!

  15. This is a beautiful quilt Susan. I love bright colors.


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