Monday, February 15, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin - Wonky Stars

The Stay at Home Round Robin, hosted by Quilting Gail, features wonky stars for round 5.

round robin quilt top

Well, this round worked out well for my design. Sorry to say, but I'm not that fond of anything wonky - I more of a clean lines, everything balanced type of designer. That's why there's only four stars - I had no interest in making more. 

And even though I didn't like the yellow plus signs from before, thankfully, they're now blending in with the addition of the yellow stars in the corners on this round.

Just so I didn't regret my yellow choice as before, I used a softer yellow, one not so bright and with a touch of gold in it.

yellow wonky star in a blue quilt border

I even placed them in a sparkly dark blue night sky. If there weren't two more rounds to help increase the quilt size, I think I would stop here. But I shall continue cause the next round is mine, and it would be awkward if I didn't do it.

Check out how my other round robin quilt friends are creating their rounds, and be sure to link up your round this week with Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts on My Quilting Life.

Now onto round six, which is my block choice. Not sure what I'm going to do yet but I'd better get it figured out. Until then, 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Your design is really coming to its on!! Love the round.

  2. Love the way your stars look and curious to see your ideas for the next round! I am on the fence, as I am with each round but I eventually figure out something!

  3. Hi Susan! Your wonky stars are just twinkling in those corners and look so cute. I'm not much on wonky either but I sure did enjoy making these cute little guys. Can't wait to see how the next round ends up! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love your yellow stars in the dark night sky!!! Perfect!

  5. Well, thanks for making wonky stars even though you're not so keen on them. I like how they look in your quilt! I need to get going on next week's border!

  6. Susan each round just makes this a happier quilt. Love the fabrics, colours and the wonky stars. 😉 Carol

  7. I love this round! It looks like a night sky--lovely! I could absolutely see this as a finished quilt--daytime turns to nighttime.

  8. Really like what this "night sky" border does for your quilt!

  9. It's been fun to see how each quilter interprets the prompts for each border. I like your dark night sky with the twinkly stars. It's a very bright and fun quilt.

  10. I love the yellow stars on the blue background. So rich and wonderful.


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