Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April Showers for Quilt Block Mania

Remember that poem - the April showers, they bring May flowers? Well, that's exactly what my rain themed April Showers block is bringing to Quilt Block Mania this month!

blue raindrops hitting a yellow flower quilt block

For April, our theme is Rain - just look at all the rain themed blocks the Quilt Block Mania group has designed!

blue and green rain themed quilt blocks

And here's the links to all those rain themed blocks.

Rainbow of raindrops by Carolina Moore
Raindrops by Perkins Dry Goods
Rainy Day Walk Home by The Quilted Diary
Raindrop by Blockofthemodotcom
I Love Rainy Days by Heidi Pridemore
Petrichor by Althea Gyde
Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up by Blue Bear Quilts
Rain from Heaven by Faith and Fabric
Umbrella and Gumboots by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
April Showers by QuiltFabrication
Pouring Rain by Patti's Patchwork
Spring Crocus by PhoebeMoon Designs
Playing in the Rain by Puppy Girl Designs
Rainy Day by Studio R Quilts
Rain Showers by Slice of Pi Quilts
Rain by Oh Kaye Quilting
Doves in the rain by Sara Flynn
April Showers by Inquiring Quilter
Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow by Devoted Quilter
I've Got Sunshine on a Rainy Day
Let it Rain
Splish-Splash by Pretty Piney Quilts
April Showers by Cotton Street Commons
Rain on the Window

Notice the very green-themed color palette from Design Seeds this month,

which certainly doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room, does it? But for some reason, I was very inspired, possibly because of the flower picture and not so much the palette. To make that flower and the few raindrops pop, I stuck with the darker green as my background.

blue raindrop on a green background

Enamored with my design, I just had to make the block. With a bit of paper piecing for the raindrops, the rest came together with easy piecing. Isn't it perfect for the theme?

blue raindrops and a yellow flower

The April Showers block features easy paper piecing plus the stitch and flip method to finish the block. For one block, fat quarters and scraps are all that's needed, but if pairing it with the blocks from the Quilt Block Mania group, it's best to go with yardage. That way, the whole quilt will look cohesive with the same fabrics and colors.

My April Showers block finishes at 12" x 12", and is no longer available - sorry.

blue raindrops on a green background with a yellow flower

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Happy Quilting!

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