Friday, December 3, 2021

3 Extra Special Border Tutorials

Looking for a different border treatment for your project? Then look no further than these 3 ideas!

First up is the Mitered Border

Now, some may find this border scary to create because of those 45 degree angles. But if one is careful in lining up the seams and fabric and taking test stitches, the border is really pretty simple to create. 

gold mitered quilt corner

And the impression it leaves shows that the quilter took the time and attention necessary to create a fabulous border for their quilt. Trust me - on the right quilt, mitered borders can look stunning!

For a very complete and detailed tutorial, check out my Mitered Quilt Border Tutorial and see if it makes you want to give it a try.

For smaller quilt projects, a Picture Frame Border will certainly add that extra punch!

seamless border on a mini quilt

I really love the look of this border - notice there are no seams? Yet another border that's easy to do, but best kept to small projects because of the size of the fabric needed for the border.

Check out my How to Make a Picture Frame Border for all of the details and closeups. 

Last, but certainly not least, what quilt wouldn't be enhanced by adding a Decorative Flange? Here, it's a very narrow folded fabric strip that's inserted in the seam, leaving the other side free.

narrow green flange in a quilt border

For maximum impact, this flange looks impressive when it's kept super narrow. Simple to do but making a really big impact! Check out what I mean with my Inserting a Decorative Flange tutorial. It's just as impressive as Piped Binding, though easier and in a different area of the border.

narrow yellow flange next to quilt binding

So the next time your adding borders to a quilt and want something a bit extra, consider using one of these techniques. I'm sure your quilt will be extra stunning!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh, these will come in handy, Susan! I know your tutorials are the very best as I have perfected my binding using your step-by-step process and watching your video. Thank you!

  2. These are great! I am always surprised at how many quilters avoid mitered borders - but they really do pack a punch.


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