Monday, January 24, 2022

Hanging Towel Tutorial Redo

Our new home we've been working on desperately needs some hanging towels in the kitchen, a project that's right up my alley. All that's needed is a small piece of batting, a kitchen towel, and coordinating fabric plus a bit of time.

teal kitchen towel hanging from a hanger

I'm calling this a Hanging Towel Tutorial Redo as it looks similar to my original Hanging Towel design/tutorial, but it's a bit easier to put together. Let's get started on stitching these up!


As far as the material requirements, 1 (one) kitchen towel will make two hanging towels, with a coordinating fat quarter enough for both of them. Also needed is a scrap piece of batting, approximately 11" square.

Cutting, for two towels

From the fat quarter, cut 1 (one) 2" wide strip and 2 (two) 10" x 6.5" rectangles.

fabric rectangle and 2 inch strip

Cut the towel in half. Fold the two edges toward the center in an accordion style, with folds meeting in the center, and edges lining up with first folds. Stitch across the top with less than a 1/4" seam allowance to hold all fold in place.

Fabric Preparation

Fold the 10" x 6.5" rectangle in half. On the folded edge, measure and pin-mark 1.5" from each side edge. Place a ruler on top, aligning the 1/2" ruler mark with the pin and the opposite corner. Trim off the small triangle.

Here's what the trim looks like without all the rulers, and with the towel basted to hold the folds.

Finish cutting the other side, keeping the pin-marks in place. Cut a piece of batting 5" x 5.25".

To the 2" strip, press it in half, then press each side to that center fold line.

Stitch along the folded line, close to the edge. Then cut 2 (two) 6" lengths.


With the towel smooth side (not folded sides) up, stack and center the fabric and batting on top, with the fabric right side to the towel and the 5.25" batting edge running side to side. Keep the pin-marks in the fabric portion.

Stitch all pieces together, 1/4" from the towel/fabric/batting edge. Press the seam toward the hanger, then place a pin to hold the batting in place.

Flip the unit over. Trim the batting from the pin-marks in the fabric along the same angle as the sides. If the batting is too long at the fabric fold, trim the batting so that the edge is right at the fold. You can see my trimmed batting pieces in the picture.

Press a 1/4" seam allowance along the edge of the fabric piece.

Fold this piece over the batting, covering the seam. Pin in place. 


Starting 3/4" from the edge, stitch close to the folded edge.

Finger press the side seams by turning one edge over the batting and folding the other edge under to match the sides. Pin to hold edges in place.

The edges at the towel may need a bit of coaxing for a nice finish, but fortunately, there's enough fabric to turn over the seam bulk. Sorry that part is not in the best focus, but you get the idea.

Before stitching, add the hanging tie. 

I folded mine in half again, placing the ends approximately 1/2" within the seam allowance at the top fold.

Once everything is in place, start top stitching at the towel/hanger seam, where the stitching left off. Continue to the side, then up to the top making sure the hanging ties are secure, back down the other side, and around to the towel/hanger seam to finish off that 3/4 inch. Use a little less than a 1/4" seam allowance for this top stitching.

And now the hanging towel is finished and ready for use - yeah! If you make some, be sure to share on Midweek Makers.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Nifty way to combine a towel with fabric -- I've only seen this with a crochet hanger. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


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