Monday, January 17, 2022

January RSC Update

Last Wednesday on Midweek Makers, I showed a start of the odd triangular scraps getting sewn into usable rectangles. Today, I've got some further progress to show on this project.

Though I'm busy making more blocks, it turns out I have a year's worth of scrap blocks leftover from 2019, just hanging out, waiting. With these unfinished 8.5" and 4" blocks, I've come up with a potential layout idea, shown above. 

The number of blocks I have is not quite enough for the size quilt I want. This year, I'd like to avoid a border and just have scrappy blocks from edge to edge. Which means I need those blocks I'm busy stitching.

After pulling out that red scrap bag, I've set to work. Using the technique I show in my Making Blocks from Crumbs video, within an hour or so, I had two more 8.5" blocks, a 4" block, a bunch of block starts, and still a TON of scraps!

These bits and pieces just don't disappear - I've probably got half a quilt sitting right there! I think I'll keep sewing until those scraps get reduced to (hopefully) a handfull. Who knows - maybe I'll even come up with another block idea to get them used up.

Anyway, the layout idea is still rough and I'm not sure exactly how many blocks to make in each color. What's for certain is a narrow strip of black, placed horizontally between the 4" blocks, will make an unfinished 4" x 8.5" unit. I may sandwich these units in between 8.5" blocks of the same color, or possibly between complementary colors. 

Ultimately, I want a lap/twin size quilt, or maybe even larger depending on how this idea goes. Sure, I could plan it out in EQ, but since this is based on impromtu scrap blocks, I'd like to keep the design that way too. And if I end up with more blocks than necessary, then I've got a head start for next year!

Happy Quilting!


  1. your crumb blocks are sew fun and fun to sew!

  2. Love your blocks. The green ones are so bright and vibrant.

  3. I like those blocks you are doing- very bright and colorful

  4. Love these crumb blocks. I have to decide soon on what to do for RSC! I may just go with HSTs and then have fun from there.

  5. I like your approach to color coordinating the crumbs! One of these days I'll get to my collection and sort them so I can play a similar game.


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