Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Midweek Makers 332

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Let's do some sharing!

The red scraps from January RSC are still covering my cutting table, getting in the way of working on other projects. I figured it was time to bite the bullet and finish up the 'I (heart) U' sequence. 

white I, heart, and U set on red

For some reason, designing the 'U' was something I wasn't looking forward to. But, like I said, I bit the bullet and just did it. Then I wondered what my hesitation was cause it turned out quite well!

Now let's look at these beauties from last week:

from Grace and Peace Quilting, this striking mountain scene baby quilt,

Melva Loves Scraps finished her Pieces from the Past - Revisited quilt,

and QuiltPiecer shared this scrap busting quilt.

What's your share this week?

  • please link directly to your post
  • please link a quilt related item
  • visit with the others and leave some comment love
Just a note about comments: for some reason, Google has decided to put a 'sign in with Google' button in some blogs comments section. 

I've clicked it, and nothing happens. And I'm already signed in through Blogger, yet it still won't let me leave a comment. If anyone knows the secret of getting through this, please let me know! I'll comment when I can!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Way to bite the bullet!! better than putting them away!

  2. As in commenting on wordpress sites instead of blogger?

  3. Hi Susan, isn't it often the case when we anticipate it to be worse than it actual is? I've got a few projects like that too :-) Take care and thanks for the linking party!

  4. Lovely eye candy today! I've just gone through a mess with my new MacBook Pro and Google. I spent hours on line and on the phone to resolve the issues I was having commenting and logging in. Something we did (heaven only knows which one) cleared up the mess and I've been able to comment on all blogger blogs. One response I got was some platforms don't keep up with the changes Apple makes fast enough. Oh good grief.... Anyway I can respond to all the blogs I've tried to in the last few weeks.

  5. The featured quilts are all so pretty! I’m having the same trouble as you with some Blogger blogs - unable to sign in - and in fact, wrote about it in a post I published today.

  6. Susan, I was having the same problem, a while ago. It was a browser issue, in my case. Chrome wanted me to sign in, which I did. And since then the problem has resolved. Check the settings on your browser. Might help.


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