Friday, May 6, 2022

Chantille Quilt

Introducing my newest scrap quilt, Chantille.

This approximately 56" x 66" lap quilt is composed of 8" teal scrap blocks, appliqued pink hexie flowers, strip-set sashing pieces, and even a scrap border and binding. That's quite the use of scraps!

In case you haven't followed the progress on this quilt over the last month, I suggest reading these previous posts to see it's evolution. And you may learn a few new techniques too!

Hexie Project in the Works - the inspiration

Appliqued Hexies - an applique tutorial

Hexie Flower Quilt Idea - EQ8 quilt mock up and some cutting info


Now back to Chantille. Here's a few close ups, first of the scrap blocks, hexies and sashing.

Next up is the quilting, with the gorgeous Chantilly pantograph in a pale yellow-green thread.

Love it! The quilting design is just beautiful on this quilt! I like that pantograph so much on this quilt that I chose a derivative of 'Chantilly' for the quilt's name. And it shows up so well on the back too.

Notice the pink band? I felt the original backing idea needed some oomph, as it was composed of yardage in the middle and pieced parts at the top and bottom - boring! So, I cut out a 5" horizontal center strip and inserted a 6" pink strip.

So much better!! Now this quilt resides on my sofa, to snuggle under while watching some evening TV. 

teal scrap blocks with pink hexie flowers

Currently, I don't plan on writing up a pattern for Chantille. If there is enough interest, I will - just drop me a comment if you would like to also make the scrappy Chantille quilt. It's also possible there could be 1 or 2 more sizes too - just let me know.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Such scrumptious colors. I love sashing design with the floating citrus green strips.

  2. Such a great use of scrappy or crumby blocks. The sashing is a wonderful addition. I have a friend who says "eww ick" about crumb blocks. I'll bet this quilt would win her over and change her mind! I love it!

  3. Absolutely fabulous! I love everything about this quilt.

  4. It looks amazing!
    I love that teal richness with the happy of the pink and green!!! Enjoy snuggling!

  5. Wow, the sashing really upgrades what would have already been a pretty scrap quilt!


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