Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Friendship Bracelets for May Quilt Block Mania

Friendships, whether with a casual acquaintance or close buddy, living near or far, young or old, create a rich life. And many times, to display that strong bond, friends exchange Friendship Bracelets. That's what I'm offering today! 

Of course, bracelets are just one way to represent friendship. Take a look at how the other quilt block designers have interpreted the friendship theme for Quilt Block Mania.

Such great blocks for representing friendship! They would certainly make a wonderful quilt - visit everyone below to collect them for May.

Friendship Heart Circle by Carolina Moore
Best Friends by Inquiring Quilter
Friendship Butterfly by Inflorescence
Mans Best Friend by Scrapdash
Circle of Friends by Sugar Sand Quilt Co.
Friendship Bracelets by QuiltFabrication
Hearts Entwined at Patti's Patchwork
Friendship Chain at The (not so) Dramatic Life
Tea Cup by Penny Spool Quilts
Dog Paw by Crafty Staci
Scrappy Friendship Star by Katie Mae Quilts
My Best Friend's House by The Quilted Diary
Striped Friendship Block by Kaye Collins
Circle of Friends by Applliques Quilts and More
Loving Friends by Epida Studio
Friends by Patchwork Breeze
Intersections by Brown Bird Designs
Pineapple by Emerald Falls Quilts
Friendship Bracelets by A Piece of Quiet Quilts
Friendship Bracelets by A Piece of Quiet Quilts

For me, Friendship Bracelets are the first thing that jumps to mind for the theme. Maybe it's because my husband wears one, having several backups for when they wear out. His are quite simple, composed of five unwoven strands of yarn, but they certainly can be works of art!

Given the size that we're dealing with on this block, I went simple, choosing solid fabrics to represent the Friendship Bracelets. But a small geometric fabric print would work great to give that woven look - let yourself run free when creating them!

For one finished 12" x 12" block, fat quarters work best, though the bracelets can come from scraps. 

Note: So sorry! The free period is over for the Friendship Bracelets block - I'll let you know when it comes back! But feel free to tell others about QuiltFabrication and become a follower yourself through any or all of the following: direct delivery of posts to your inbox (sign up below), or by following on PinterestInstagramFacebook, or YouTube.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. oh but these look like so much fun. many years ago when our daughter and a friend saw me doing some embroidery, they asked if they could have some thread. I gave them what I wasnt using and they had a giggle party in her bedroom. much later they came out with bracelets for everyone in their families. so fun. and yes my husband who only wears his wedding ring, wore his to work. I found out when our girl moved out that he would take it off and put it on his dash board and reput it on again when he was going to come home. Oh well. he was able to find the best of both worlds. LOL thanks for shairng.

  2. Thanks Susan! I am going to make one to appliqué it onto a purse flap that I make to donate to the girls in Zambia as part of the Sew Powerful.org charity. I love that one of the hands you did was a darker skin color. That is just perfect! And it's a perfect size to fit on the flap too!


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