Friday, October 27, 2023

Maple Twist Quilt

I'm excited to introduce a new fall quilt, Maple Twist!

quilt of red, yellow, orange maple leaves on a green backgroun


If you haven't heard, I love fall colors! All the red, orange and yellow landing on a green background, is so reminiscent of falls leaves littering the grass, right?

The Maple Twist quilt pattern uses a single block to make up several quilt sizes, featuring the shown lap size (52″ x 64″), plus a twin (64" x 88"), and a queen size (88" x 100").

Construction is super easy, especially if cutting is done in bulk, along with stitching units in groups. That makes Maple Twist a perfect project for the beginner quilter!

a quilt with fall leaves on a green background

As for the quilting, I got a bit creative as I couldn't find a pantograph that conveyed the feeling of floating, swirling leaves. So I decided to modify one of my favorites, Passion Fruit. Where there was a flower, I re-drew a maple leaf. You can see the new leaf in the circle in the quilting closeup. 

Turned out just the way I wanted it!

For those of you wanting to enjoy your own Maple Twist quilt this season, use the coupon code 'FALLCOLORS' at Etsy checkout for 25% off. This coupon is valid now through November 10, 2023.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. That's a beauty - I really like the dark background for this one!

  2. Very clever! And love the leaf quilt! Thanks

  3. That’s really pretty. I love that unexpected green background and the leaf quilting is perfect for it.


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