Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Flowers for Nana Girl

Doesn't this just say happy spring?
Look at those pretty yellow flowers! And my orange clivias blooming in the background. What could be a better way to welcome spring?

This cute pattern, Flowers for Nana Girl,
Flowers for Nana Girl

is from the book Scrap Quilting Strip by Strip by Kim Brackett. (affiliate link)
Scrap Quilting Strip by Strip
It's a very easy pattern to follow, using either pre-cut strips, or strips cut from stash fabric. 

I made a small version of the quilt, using just nine blocks instead of twenty.
Flowers for Nana Girl
The back is a soft, solid yellow flannel,
to show off the quilting. Here's a closer look, both front and back.

The border was done using a design from 501 Quilting Motifs(affiliate link)
 501 Quilting Motifs
and in the next post I'll show you how that was quilted.

Until then, I hope spring has sprung where you live!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I was drawn right in by those lovely yellow flowers! Such a lovely design... And the quilting is a perfect compliment. Makes those flowers pop!

  2. Wonderful little quilt. I really like those flowers, and your quilting has set everything off beautifully.

  3. Woman, that is beautiful! I love your quilting!!!

  4. I love this pattern and your color choices are perfect!

  5. Very cool design - you have made a fantastic job of it!

  6. What a fun pattern. I love the color and the quilting you did on it.

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