Sunday, April 26, 2015

Parkbench, Sort Of

I've worked up the courage to show what I've done with Parkbench

It's just a top at the moment, but hey, it's lucky to even be that!

I found Parkbench yesterday when searching for fabric and cleaning up in preparation for my Spangled Stars Quilt-Along. Finally deciding that I did not want to make any more blocks, I laid out the three blocks I had on the floor.
Pieces that were ready for another block filled in some of the edges.
Told myself, 'Looks great! Sew it! Get it done!' 

Figuring this would go on a light grey background, the remaining corner areas are filled in. Now I have three diamonds.
Notice in this picture that the lower right diamond is turned the wrong way so that the yellows don't touch. Did I notice? Not until I had the whole thing sewn together! Dang it!

Anyway, now I just needed four corners to make this a rectangle. Easy enough. Using a wide enough piece of background fabric, it's folded right sides together so that a mirror image piece for the other edge is cut at the same time. One of the diamonds placed on top yields the right angle for cutting.

The corner piece is pinned on and sewn, 

and the same is done for the other edge with the remaining piece.

Now for the other side. Since that angle is already cut on the background fabric, it just needed a straight trim on the other side, yielding two more pieces for the other corners.
Adding a few narrow pieces along the other edges, time to for sewing all three parts together. And I still haven't detected that the one piece is oriented wrong!
Notice the Y seam. They are really not difficult. Just start 1/4" in from the center, and use a few backstitches so the seam doesn't come undone. One leg is sewn here,

then another leg, and finally the last. I'm calling it done.

And, yes, I fixed the orientation of the wrong-way diamond. Now it looks better!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cool design! It looks modern and traditional at the same time! Looking forward to hear more about your quilt along!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I like it!! Great way to use up what you had already started on to make some really cool diamonds!! So very creative!!

  3. I like your honesty here. Process is so important so people don't think we finish things without mistakes along the way. Thank you.

    This is a fun pattern, and I can see a lot of potential. I know people flip out when they hear Y-seams, and instantly think they can't do it. Good advice on backstitching that Y-seam to hold it, and then sewing it. It is a skill to learn. I just got a hold of a dvd that Mary Huey does. She has this simple, yet really innovative way to piece the dreaded Y seams if you're chain piecing them, or doing many like you'd have in a whole quilt. It's really good, actually.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  4. Love it! It looks so good! Excellent job.

  5. Thanks for sharing your blocks and what you did with them. I have two blocks done and have two more cut out. I am taking it slow so I enjoy the process!


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