Friday, April 17, 2015

Primary Brothers

Mark another project off the list! The baby quilt that hubby needed for his coworker is finished, plus it came with a bonus quilt. A 2-for-1! How awesome is that?

Introducing the Primary Brothers, 
titled as such because they're composed of the primary colors, and they are two quilts from the same block. And I couldn't think of anything more creative!

Primary Brother 1,
composed of four D9P patches and sashing, is my favorite. We're not supposed to have favorite children, but hey, it happens. To see what a full D9P looks like, see my disappearing 9-patch tutorial.

Originally, I wanted one top of D9P blocks, but unfortunately, I only had enough fabric for a little more than 6 blocks. And six blocks just don't look right for this pattern. But no worries, I figured out a solution. Deciding to use four of the blocks for Primary Brother 1, two blocks plus parts were used for another top. Thus, like Frankenstein, Primary Brother 2 was born.
A bit odd, but there is some symmetry to the design. Adding on the borders on both quilts brought them up to around 40" square, which is a perfect size for an unpieced back. We're talking efficiency here!

Quilting these two was a breeze, as the backing was loaded with the long edge (selvages) to the rollers. The tops were placed side by side, with an inch of space between, tacked down, and the star panto quilted end to end.
Incredibly efficient!

Keeping in this mode, the binding is the same for both, with the little yellow piped edge machine stitched down. 

No time for hand sewing the binding here! The piped binding is becoming my go-to binding method when a) it's appropriate for the top, and b) the quilt needs to be finished. It's time I do a tutorial on it, so look for it on the next post.

Quilting is hard to see again, but it's a simple little star panto.
And the back is a flannel that I had which had primary colors in it.
A great finish to two cheerful little quilts!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good work all round - super fabrics (I love the crayons) and the colours are ideal for a baby quilt that will last the distance as the child grows. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like them both and a great way to use up the remaining fabric.

  3. I love twofers!!! It is really cool when you can quilt them both at the same time!!! Adorable quilts that are destined to be well loved by a child!

  4. Very cute...Everyone loves a bonus!

  5. Very cute, efficient and creative! I also love the piped binding and I will go and check out your tutorial because I struggles with some steps... I am sure I am going to get some good tips from a pro! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. What lovely quilts for little babies. I'm sure your husband's co-worker will be delighted. Thank you for linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday.


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