Saturday, October 10, 2015

Naptime Quilt

Hooray! My second baby quilt, Naptime, another pattern from my October Book of the Month selection, Sew a Modern Home, (affiliate link) is finished! 

I love this quilt just as much as Playtime, the other quilt I just finished from the same book. And I'm sure any child would love sleeping under it!

Both have made me very happy, and helped jump start my quilting again since being on vacation.

But more about this quilt. I've had the sea creature fabric for a while now (did I mention I have about 4 yards?), and always wondered how to use it. Well, this pattern was perfect because it called for a large print, which is showcased well here. Cut any smaller and the creatures would be lost! 

And how about that ocean wave quilting? 

Was that ever fun! Just stitch a wavy line edge to edge, then echo back, hitting some previous dips, and echo back again. Continue that, and you've got an ocean! The back showcases it nicely.

So, would I make this again? YES! And would I make Playtime again? YES! Have to confess I almost bought some striped fabric yesterday--didn't though because I couldn't find a trim I liked with it. But when I find a great stripe or a large print, I'll be thinking of these patterns!

Have a great weekend quilting!


  1. great quilt. I love the use of the larger print

  2. It is darling! I love the texture from that quilting.

  3. What a great quilt! Love that fun ocean creatures fabric. Am I right in thinking that it's sewn together in strips, the strips are cut apart and then two strips are flipped end to end?


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