Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Patchwork City Month 7

The month is almost over, which means an update on the Westside Patchwork City (affiliate link) blocks. I'm all caught up for this month, so picking up where I left off, with Month 7.

These two are, respectively, Crosswalk and Porch. Of the two, Crosswalk is my favorite. Not so sure about Porch. Don't know whether it's the block, or the fabrics I used, but it's just there

Do I plan to remake it? Heck no! It is what it is. Not all blocks, or quilts for that matter, can be fantastic. But I'm sure when this project is done, it will look pretty darn good!

Since I have all the fabric and blocks littering my cutting table, it's a good time to get Month 10 done. The two look fairly easy, and then it's just 5 more blocks to go! Getting so close, I might just go ahead and get 'er done!   

How about you? Have you worked on a year long project, and just gone ahead and finished it? Or have you procrastinated each month, and now have to play catch-up? Well, don't feel bad--everything has a time and a place. And with that,

Have a great day quilting!


  1. I participated in a BOM last year and was good about making the blocks each month and then in October when it was over I put the blocks away. Not sure why I lost steam but perhaps I got interested in something else. I recently brought the project out and started up again. I'm hoping for a finish this time.
    In regards to the Porch block, perhaps it's just that it looks unfinished with the blue on one side and not the other, sort of incomplete. You're right, it will look better with other blocks surrounding it.

  2. Just remembered I have blocks that have been sitting for a couple years now. Need to get those out and finish it up.

  3. I think both blocks look great! I agree with you that sometime not all blocks are fantastic, but sometimes I feel it's just about get some distance and look at the block few days later: many times as I am not in the heat of the moment, I appreciate the blocks that didn't look too good right after I made them. Thanks for sharing!!


Thank you so much for just made my day!