Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scrappy Japanese Jigsaw

Yeah! And another finish to report! My Scrappy Japanese Jigsaw quilt,

created in a class with Tracey Brookshier back in August. Quilted before I left on vacation, I've now had the chance to apply the binding, and finish it up.

This measures in at approximately 36" x 36". 

Though, I like the pattern, I don't like the scrappiness of this particular top. Originally, I started out using four 5" squares of the same fabric, intending to have one area of dark all the same fabric. But Tracey suggested that because I was using 5" squares, to just randomly sew lights and darks together. Sounded great--less planning, less thinking, considering all of the pressures I was under at that time. 

But once I got it all together, looking at it made my eyes bounce all over, looking for continuity. From a distance (and in the dark, ha ha!) it looks much better, as a lot of scrappy quilts do.

Once I got it quilted, with the panto Easy Peasy and silver Glide thread,

I like it better. It always amazes me how quilting changes a top, making it shine. Will I make it again? Someday, and with a better color layout plan. Do I view this one as a waste of time? No. Every quilt I make, I learn something. And with this one, four pieces of the same fabric makes a difference.

And for fun, my son's cat, Winston, supervised the photo shoot. He misses his buddy!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Great quilt. I understand about not having that one fabric that lets the eye rest. Maybe a more controlled scrappy look would suit the pattern better

  2. Such an interesting pattern. I like how it looks.

  3. It's beautiful! Came by way of Oh Scrap link and am new to your blog. Will be sure to come back!

  4. I haven't seen this pattern in quite a while. They can be a bit tricky to get a nice color placement. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. It's a fascinating pattern, and the thumbnail in the link-up really caught my eye because I liked the sense of movement, but the larger picture illustrates what you mean about it being quite a "skittery" pattern to look at. Would love to see it with a different or more managed arrangement, though!

  6. Hi Susan. I really like the pattern and the name of it. I'm a big scrappy fan but I agree w/you in that it would look better if 4 blocks were the same fabric. What size squares does the pattern call for?

  7. I like it too! the recipient will love it even more.


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