Friday, January 8, 2016


Okay, this is the third and last Christmas quilt for now! Created from the large and small strip scraps leftover from Holly Jolly and Simply Woven Version, I've named this one Interlude.

This is my own creation, born from those scraps, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I'm considering making a baby quilt in another colorway, but I need to do some math first.

And this one is big! Measuring in at 64" x 86", this fits nicely on a twin bed. It almost used up the Christmas fabric, though I still have enough for a baby or lap size. What's really scary is that Christmas fabric comprises about 2% of my stash! And I've got another 14" x 17" x 6" drawer of various blue snowflake fabrics. That will get tackled next year!

This one also has a holly themed pantograph on it, called Holiday Garland.

It's a very pretty, swirly design with holly leaves and berries.

And yes, there's Christmas fabric on the back.

If you look closely at the binding in this picture, you'll see one edge is red, and the other a print. Here's a picture of a corner.

Lately, I've been using the binding as part of the design element on the quilt. It bothers me that the binding could detract from the design. Sometimes, I match the binding to the quilt piecing, like on O Tannenbaum!, or do two separate colors, as on this quilt. A tutorial on the Two Color Binding technique. I'll let you know when the Matching the Binding to the Piecing tutorial is available.

Until then, have a great time quilting!


  1. Pretty quilt, will watch for the tutorial.

  2. Interlude is very pretty! The variations in width of blocks/columns from center to sides is interesting. I like it. A baby quilt would be just as nice!

  3. Very pretty! Love the pattern. Looks like it would go together fairly quickly.

  4. It is very pretty. It is so rewarding when our own designs come out so good!

  5. I just love Christmas quilts and yours is very nice!!

  6. Several times I have done binding in a similar way, once when I only wanted binding on the top of a wallhanging, and did not think to round the corner first - Much neater finish, I will remember this!

  7. This is a gorgeous quilt - just love seeing what 'scraps' can produce.

  8. Really like Interlude. Will there be a pattern?


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