Friday, April 29, 2016

April Book of the Month Update

Spring cleaning is underway, and the sewing room is no exception. Tired of my stash, and determined to use it up, I've been putting Perfect Quilts for Precut Fabrics, (affiliate link) to good use.

Two large quilts have already been completed, Roundabout,

and Nickel Bricks.

Now I've moved on to baby quilts, as hubby needs a few gifts. Digging through the stash and pulling out the nickel bin, I found enough fabric for this combo.

The resulting top is on the left.

A yard of fabric and 50 nickels gone! Ok, that's one for the girls, so had to make one for the boys. That's the middle one.  Another yard and 50 nickels gone!

The pattern, Aunt Bea,

was really easy to put together. Course, I made smaller borders because of fabric limitations. But that's okay.

And the last one in the photo, on the right,

is called Tiny Bits.

I skipped the square block borders, and just went for background fabric. Yet another easy pattern to put together.

Fabric is picked out for another top, 

just not sure which pattern I'll use. Gearing this one towards the girls. Guess I'll have to find something for the boys, just to keep it even.

So far, this book has been a big win. Lots of quilts to choose from for different fabric cuts, or cut your own. Win win! If you get a chance to acquire this book, I highly recommend it.
Have a great weekend quilting!


  1. It's great that this book has been a good resource for ideas. Aunt Bea would be good for a charm pack with the addition of some coordinating solid squares to add up to 50 nickels. I find that the time arranging the squares can sometimes be greater than the time it takes to sew them together. Great looking quilts, I hope the recipients appreciate their gifts.

  2. This is a great review. I've looked at this book several times and thought about getting it. You may have talked me into it.


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