Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Perennial Pinwheels

A final finish for the I Love Color!, (affiliate link) Perennial Pinwheels.

Made in a baby quilt size, this is just a small portion of a larger pattern. 

And what a fun quilt - love those pinwheels! They have certainly brightened a dreary winter. Now for some closeups of these pretties. 

First the pinwheels, or as I see them, flowers.

Those in the blocks are surrounded by a flange (here the dark orange), making me opt for no background quilting in that area. I like the resulting puff!

Center pinwheels (or flowers) were treated with the same fill as those in the squares, with added straight lines in the background. 

I could have gone crazy with a fill here, but then the pinwheels wouldn't stand out, and the fill on the print background would have to change. As it is, I think I managed to make all three areas work together nicely. It's all about contrast.

Can't forget the backside, on green flannel,

with a closeup.

Now for my favorite picture, one that shows the texture in the print background squares.

A perfect fill for this quilt, with all that yummy texture! 

So cheers to a successful day! That 'do not disturb' sign worked wonders - guess I'll have to use it more often!

Have a great day!

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