Friday, February 17, 2017

Violet Riot - RSC17 #2

January RSC17 purple finish #2, Violet Riot!

Violet Riot

This quilt is just so purple, and has a ton of playfulness due to the yellow stripe in the sashing!

Violet Riot closeup

Isn't that fun?

These blocks started with a peach/plum unit from a leftover strip set, which were basically kept centered. Then strips that fit a needed size where continually added, somewhat in a log cabin style. The smallest of the nine blocks measured approximately 11" unfinished, so some had to be trimmed just a bit, for uniformity. With the addition of a 1" sashing, the quilt's final size is 35" square, another good size for a baby quilt.

Quilting on this one is another favorite panto, Bluster, with a fun plum floral flannel on the back.

Violet Riot back

Truly adds to the Violet Riot on the front, and another great RSC17 purple finish! Purple and Pink was the first, and the third quilt will be revealed next week. Inspired to dig into your scraps yet?

Have a great day quilting!

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