Monday, March 20, 2017

Block 3 of the Growing Up QAL

Squeezed in a bit of time to make Block 3 of Alida's Growing Up QAL, and isn't it a beauty?

This month features curved piecing, and I was fortunate to have a set of Drunkard's Path templates in my drawer that were the right size. Lucky me!

Alida talks about cutting the pieces a bit bigger to make the curved piecing not as stressful - a very good idea!

I decided I was comfortable with an extra 1/4", and cut squares so that I could cut both pieces out from that square, eliminating a lot of waste. First the pie.

Then the crust, leaving that extra 1/4" on the outside edges.

After trimming, 

very little is wasted.

Stitching went smoothly, with pressing to the dark side on each set.

That way, the seams will nest when stitching the block together. And after a final trim to the correct size, and stitching for the proper layout, we have a block!

Great design on this one Alida - love it!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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