Friday, March 3, 2017

Diamonds - Chevron Style

Wednesday I showed one strip of the aqua scrap diamonds, and now there are two together, in a Chevron style! 

So today, I want give some tricks I learned in stitching these strips.

First of all, let me just say I didn't pay attention to grain. As long as the pieces aren't stretched, or played with too much, they stitch up fine. If I was really worried, I could have hit the pieces with some starch. Also, I cut the blue sashing after I stitched it, eliminating the need to match pieces.

Let's start with a strip that's partially done. 

After sewing the blue sashing strip and finger pressing the seam towards the sashing, the edges and the 45 degree line get lined up under the ruler and trimmed off.

This system creates a sashing strip that has the dog ear trimmed off, which makes lining up next time much easier. That part comes later, because the next diamond goes on, lined up such that dog ears are showing equally.

With a finger press toward the sashing, it looks great!

Now for sashing again. The cut off dog ear lines up with outer edge,

making stitching easy! A perfect fit!

And with a trim, the process starts all over again. I also discovered that trimmed off dog ears on the sashing resulted if the diamond rows were stitched in alternate directions. Hard to explain that here, but if you want more info, contact me.

Now on to sewing the strips together with sashing in between, and getting them to match up.

On the strip, the distance from outside point to inside point is 4.75". 

Marking the sashing, on both sides, at that interval,

makes for easy matching of the diamond strip. Perfecto!

Now to finish the others!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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