Friday, August 24, 2018

Leaf Piles Quilt

Sharing the week's quilting distraction, Leaf Piles,

Leaf Piles Quilt

made from the woodpile blocks from a few weeks ago. And I must say, this was a worthwhile diversion!

Having grown up in New England, I absolutely love autumn colors. Aren't these just beautiful?

Leaf Piles autumn colors

Though I don't really think you'd find a purple leaf while out leaf peeping, the color does look lovely with all the oranges, golds, reds, and browns.

I'm also fortunate to have had just enough of the awesome leaf border fabric to tie it all together.

Leaf Piles border

And there's also that striped inner border, for which I'll have a mitered border tutorial on Monday.

As for the name Leaf Piles, the rounds of color in the quilt remind me of the many leaf piles we create in our backyard from our Pin Oak leaves each fall. 

Leaf Piles Quilt full view

I'm also thrilled to have used some other fall fabric for the backing, clearing out a few more yards in the stash.

Leaf Piles Quilt backside

With the addition of a really beautiful leaf pantograph in gold Glide thread, the quilting just really makes this quilt sing!

Leaf Piles Quilt leaf quilting

Just the other day, I put away all of the patriotic quilts, and brought out the fall items. That includes this Leaf Piles lap quilt, it's big sister, Falling Leaves,

Falling Leaves Quilt

the Pumpkat Patch runner (pattern available),

Pumpkat Patch table runner

the Sunflower runner (pattern available),

Sunflower runner

and my favorite, Seed Mix - super happy to see it again!

Seed Mix by QuiltFabrication

I'll be looking at these fall quilts for the next several months, probably through to Thanksgiving. But that's ok - I love them all! 
Time for you to be pulling out yours to enjoy!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. love the fall colors and that splash of - is it purple or blue - on my screen I can tell- but it adds so much it really looks nice and love that sunflower table runner

  2. Your new quilt is gorgeous! Yesterday it felt like fall in the air-windows open, low humidity, and crispness in the air.

  3. Beautiful finish, Susan. The border prints tie it together so well; I'm glad you had enough fabric!

  4. Wonderful finish! I also recall jumping in those leaf piles. The purple gives it a great spark!

  5. Oh wow, Susan - this is definitely a worthwhile diversion!! I love the purple leaves peeping out from amongst the golds, reds, browns, and oranges! Great job! And I do love the sunflowers!!

  6. That looks fabulous. Great job with those extra scraps and the scrappy back is wonderful too.

  7. What a wonderful finish!! and we love fall in our house so bring it on!

  8. Hmm... makes me *REALLY* want a chai latte - even though it's 90+ degrees where I am!

  9. What a beautiful quilt! I love fall and all these fall quilts make me wish fall would come faster! <3


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