Friday, October 7, 2016

Seed Mix

Ever make a quilt that just makes you really happy? One with a great mix of eye-catching color combined with a bold yet simple design? Well, that sums up my latest creation, Seed Mix.

Seed Mix quilt

The design for this quilt had been floating around in my head since early summer, and it wasn't until the Flip & Fuse Quilts book crossed my path that all the pieces came together to make Seed Mix.

Though it could be made in any color combination, the dark orange paired with green and a splash of black speaks of autumn, my most favorite season thanks to growing up in New England.

Seed Mix quilt closeup

And I love the seeds. Or melons, or orange peels, or petals, whichever name you prefer for the same shape. Long and thinner than most, they are a beautiful shape in this modern version.

Seed Mix quilt column

As  for the design, here and there, seeds are missing, but filled in with quilting. That, combined with a more distant placement between the seeds, creates lots of movement.

Seed Mix quilting and border

For the quilting, rows alternate between horizontal and vertical straight line stitching, meeting only to form phantom crosshatched seeds.

Seed Mix quilt closeup 1

Seed Mix quilt closeup 2

And I tried No- Show Binding on this quilt, 

Seed Mix quilt corner

for which you can view the tutorial by clicking on the pink link above.

And thanks to everyone for their support of no quilting in the seeds - definitely the right decision. All of the those little pieces together has resulted in a fabulous quilt, captivating me each time I see it.

And that is why I quilt.


  1. Very striking - in a wonderful way! I'll be stopping back to learn about the binding, and to get another good look at this beauty.

  2. turned out so lovely!! You decided to leave the 'seeds' quilt free and I think it really was the right decision.

  3. Very nice! Neat idea to leave out some seeds.

  4. This is beautiful! And your quilting is really amazing -- love how it really adds to the overall design.

  5. I'll join everyone else. This is a wonderful, fresh quilt. The quilting really enhances the quilt. Congratulations on such a fabulous finish.


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