Monday, April 1, 2019

April 2019 Book of the Month

I wish I could spend more time with the Modern Art Quilts book (affiliate link), but it's time for a new selection. This month, I'm featuring Sew Emoji (affiliate link) by Gailen Runge.

Sew Emoji book by Gailen Runge

Aren't these Emoji's too cute?? 

Full of lots of patterns for faces, use them as they are, or recombine pieces to make your own Emoji. Projects include a twin size quilt, pillowcase, and different pillows. I'm thinking wall hanging of just a single Emoji for my project - I've got one picked out!

This book is also a great resource for quilters wanting a straight-forward explanation on how to do applique. I know from several comments recently, there are quilters out there who haven't attempted applique yet. Well, the Sew Emoji book is a great way to start!

Gailen goes through all the tools necessary, explaining each one, and then gives detailed instructions on stitching down appliques. In reading this book, I felt we could be fast friends!

stitching applique in the Sew Emoji book

Who can resist an Emoji? If there are teens around you, they would love this. Even creating one as a wall hanging would certainly brighten someone's day - project possibilities are endless. Do check out the Sew Emoji (affiliate link) book if you get a chance!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I would have never thought to sew emoji's LOL what a good idea


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