Friday, May 31, 2019

Between the Lines

Woo-hoo! Between the Lines is another quilt finished from the May 2019 Book of the Month selection, Scrappy and Happy Quilts (affiliate link).

Between the Lines quilt from the Scrappy and Happy Quilts book

Isn't this cute? And fast too - the top was cut and sewn together in around 2 hours - can't beat that for a quick quilt!

I went along with the color theme used in the pattern in the book, choosing bee fabrics that I had in the stash. Stacking prints with background for cutting made for fast unit assembly!

bee fabric used in the Between the Lines quilt

Since there's bees, how about some loop-de-loops for the quilting? Looks like those bees are flying all over this quilt top!

loop-de-loop quilting on Between the Lines quilt

And because I DID NOT want to add leftover strip scraps to the burgeoning scrap bag, I found another blue in the stash to help fill out the back.

backside of Between the Lines quilt

Looks just as nice as the front, doesn't it? And I remembered my little 'QuiltFabrication' tag, with care instructions.

QuiltFabrication care label on a quilt

A note on the back: the blue/white striped band is placed toward the bottom of the quilt, instead of toward the top as on the front. That way, I didn't have a lot of seams meeting in the same area, plus it lessons the show-through effect that a white backing tends to create. Looking closely at the folded back area, show through is slightly visible.

back and front of Between the Lines quilt

If ever I'm in need of a quilt that needs to be made NOW, this pattern will be on my go-to list! It looks great and sews up fast!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love that is is two sided! What size did this finish at?

  2. Love your little quilt. The quilting really does look like buzzing bees. What is the size? Strip quilting is my favorite because of not having to match up seams. Keeping the multiple seams separated it’s a great idea that I’ll have to remember.

  3. That certainly is a very graphic design, and such a cute back with no more adding to the scraps! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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