Monday, May 27, 2019

Petunia Patch #2

Here she is, Petunia Patch #2,

Petunia Patch quilt #2 from Scrappy and Happy Quilts book

an even more modified version of the original pattern from the Scrappy and Happy Quilts book (affiliate link).

Looks a lot like the first one, Petunia Patch #1, doesn't it? 

Petunia Patch quilt #1 from Scrappy and Happy Quilts book

Looking closely, the flowers aren't in the same spots, and another fabric has been added, as there wasn't enough of the first one. And the sizes are different. Petunia Patch #1 is 49" x 49", while Petunia Patch #2 is 39" x 39". Nine inch blocks originally, resized to seven.

BTW, has anyone ever noticed how pink and red don't photograph well outdoors? These two colors always seem to have a neon quality on film - even my hot pink roses look weird. Let's just say it's not one of my favorite colors to photograph. Or it could be me, as I'm still an amateur when it comes to photos!

Anyhoo, I have no chain stitching or stack trimming in-progress pics to share - I think we all know how that goes!
And as for the quilting, it's the same pantograph, Robinia, in Glide Silver.

Robinia pantograph on Petunia Patch quilt

And this quilt, because it's the final commissioned quilt, has a soft grey with pink birds flannel for the backing. 

Petunia Patch #2 quilt with flannel backing

It's a perfect fit, as grandma requested pink, grey, flowers, and birds for this quilt.

Overall, it was worth remaking Petunia Patch with smaller blocks. The result is a more pleasing size and scale, and a perfect quilt for that first grandchild.

Now, what to do with Petunia Patch #1? I have a wild idea, and hope to have time to follow through. As usual, I'll keep everyone posted!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Both quilts are pretty! Your machine binding looks great!

  2. Perfect! (I hear baby bear saying, "And this one is just right."

  3. It looks great. Just as great as the first one. ☺

  4. Hi Susan! I have trouble photographing blues - light blue looks like white unless I add something white in the photo as reference. Anyway, your Petunia Patch #2 is just perfect and so fun. I'll bet grandma is so delighted with the results as you really hit the nail squarely on the head. It is so darn cute and I can just imagine a sweet baby wrapped in it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I love both petunia pathches :) It's such a sweet design.


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