Friday, January 3, 2020

January 2020 Book of the Month

It's been a while for a new Book of the Month, but I'm starting the year off right with another featuring quilting designs. Thanks to C&T Publishing, the honor goes to Straight Line Quilting Designs (affiliate link),

Straight Line Quilting Designs book

with contributions from numerous well known quilters - Natalia Bonner, Charlotte Warr Andersen, and Angela Walters, just to name a few.

A couple reasons why I chose the Straight Line Quilting Designs (affiliate link) book:

1) Everyone should have as many quilting resources available to them as possible, and Straight Line Quilting Designs (affiliate link) book is another tool to add to the library. I really think that the quilting part of this fabulous hobby of ours is probably the most frustrating, not only in trying to figure out what to quilt, but how to quilt a design that doesn't require major wrestling. And this book helps with both of those.

2) I love straight lines, and find them the easiest to stitch, either with a walking foot, or freemotion by following a guide (tape, ruler, water soluble mark, etc). There are unlimited possibilities in designs - check out a sampling from the book.

straight line quilting designs

Some look pretty complex, but upon close inspection, the design is made by repeating the same line horizontally and vertically - sneaky!

straight line quilting designs

Other designs require backtracking, or stops and starts, but they are so worth it for the texture they give to the quilt.

Besides all the 75+ designs to choose from, the Straight Line Quilting Designs (affiliate link) book features the design on two pages, and is spiral bound so the book lays flat. That way, the design is represented in a more-to-scale version, making it easier to both envision the design on a quilt, and to track the quilting direction

One note about the quilting direction: the Straight Line Quilting Designs (affiliate link) book does not provide any instruction on stitching the design. No 1-t0-2-t0-3 dots, no color highlighted lines, no 'start here'. It's completely up to the quilter to figure out the stitching sequence, which is pretty easy for a majority of the designs. As a seasoned quilter, I don't have a problem with that, though a beginner might. But once a quilter plays with straight lines, the possibilities are endless!

As for me, I'm looking to do some straight line quilting this month, and happy to add the Straight Lines Quilting Designs (affiliate link) book to my growing list of quilting design book titles!

Happy Quilting!

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