Friday, April 3, 2020

April 2020 Book of the Month

A new month, a new book. With perfect timing, the Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing (affiliate link) by Tacha Bruecher recently landed on my desk.

Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing by Tacha Bruecher

Though a small book, roughly 4" x 6" in size, it's full of great information and patterns for the paper piecing enthusiast or those just getting started with paper piecing. I'm impressed with how much is in this little pocket sized book!

Tacha, in a thorough and easy-going manner, goes over two methods of paper piecing - the traditional way of sewing through a printed foundation, and a second technique using freezer paper templates. Both methods work equally well, though the first often requires tedious paper removal after the block is made. I'm not a fan of spending time tearing out paper (and possibly loosening stitches), and use freezer paper either as a foundation or as templates whenever I paper piece. 

I did pick up a few great tips in a Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing, (affiliate link) and I'm putting them to use. I just love how paper piecing allows me to make what I envision into a fabric block. And that is why the timing of this book from C&T Publishing is perfect - here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on, in between the rounds for the Stay at Home Round Robin.

start of a paper pieced block by QuiltFabrication

Yep, that's all there is, and I'll leave you guessing as to what it might be. I only have a block designed, not a whole quilted piece yet, just to make sure this block works. And as a test piece to check for ease of sewing and color placement, I'm not sure if this particular block will ultimately be used. But I am enjoying creating with paper piecing, and will have more to show soon.

So maybe you're ready to try paper piecing? Grab a copy of Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing, (affiliate link) learn the techniques, and test out you're skills on the 10 included patterns, like a kite, an umbrella, a pear, this apple,

apple paper pieced pattern from Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing

or maybe this pretty snowflake.

snowflake paper pieced pattern from Handy Pocket Guide to Paper Piecing

Give it a try as paper piecing is just another great tool to have in the quilting tool box - Happy Quilting!

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